“My Doozy Wake-Up Call” and “Are You Being Kept Up?”

  “Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up”.


Hello Everybody and a Warm Welcome to All Our New Subscribers!

How are you all Beauties and Handsome Hunks doing out there in the world?

The above the photo depicts how I feel most mornings upon awakening.

However this morning was quite a different story for me!

First I awoke up  to a dream where I was being sentenced by a tribunal court for inadvertently moving an envelope out of place in a neighborhood shop. The judges were a gnarly bunch. One had a shrunken head, another one was JUST a head, no body, sitting on a chair, and the rest of them looked like dirty and cranky pirates. Oy vay, not the way I like to start my day!

No doubt this dream came out of a debate I had with my honeypie yet “headstrong” man of the house. (Not that he even remotely reminds me of those characters in my dream, thank goodness!) But he got pretty wound up about me moving his stuff when I was reorganizing our kitchen cabinets last night.

He told moi- the one who makes 98.7 % of the meals in our house- it didn’t make any sense how I’d rearranged it all. Then he proceeded to “help me” by dismantling everything I’d just strategically rearranged in our hard-to-configure, diminutive NYC kitchen. “There, NOW it’s perfect!” he exclaimed.

All I saw was an illogical mess. All this, so the bunch of cereal boxes the 6”2” him reaches for once a month, could practically eject themselves into his arms. Now the lowest shelf in the cabinet- the one where the 5’ 5” me can actually see anything- was completely filled with boxes of rarely eaten cereal. Madonna mia!

Recalling a bit about astrological volatility of the moment, I detoured around whirling some snarky comments his way. Instead I found a spot on the lower shelf where a couple of the cereal boxes would be instantly available- or inhalable- to him. I returned the kitchen back to sweet order, we high-fived and moved on.

So today I wake up from the crazy dream , walk out of the bedroom, and there are 5 strangers standing in our living room. Luckily I had thrown on some cut-offs and a ripped-up t-shirt, but my hair is an electrified mess and sticking out every which way. I’m like “who the  heck are you and what are you doing in my house?!” I look around and the dogs are there but no Scott.  One of them tells me they’re “the building management and architecture team”. He says our building has shifted significantly, possibly from an earthquake ??, and they need to shore it up. I figure it’s good they’re here in this case. The problem is they all look like the guys in my dream. Oy vay!

Suddenly Scott emerges from bathroom and apologizes for not warning me of our company, saying they had surprised him too at the front door. Gratefully they scan our apartment quickly and leave to go next door. But then Scott is telling me I have to leave too, right now, and fast! I’m like “What is it, is the ceiling going to fall in or something?!”

No, he says, it’s just he has this BIG IMPORTANT BUSINESS CALL in a couple seconds and the dogs haven’t walked yet. They might start yelping and that would be Highly Inappropriate for this call, and could I “Please take them OUT RIGHT NOW??”

So I grab the dogs, throw on my sneakers, and race down to the street with my BIG GNARLY HEAD O’ HAIR, cut-offs and mangy T-shirt . I figure I’ll dash to a side street and avoid seeing anyone in my bedraggled state. Of course I promptly see EVERYONE I know.

And you know what? No one looks at me strangely, or asks if everything’s ok. NO ONE NOTICES A DANG THING. I realize how many years I spent mortified at the thought of anyone seeing me completely sans makeup, hairstyling or AT LEAST a decent outfit.

What a waste of precious time to think I needed to fully “primp out” to be presentable to the world! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think adorning and grooming our bodies is a Delightful and Beautiful Act of  Self-Love.

It’s just that’s Not what people interact with when they “see” us. They are interacting with the Whole of us- our vibrance, our energy, our kind thoughts, our smile, our open heart -WAY MORE than our cute outfits and hair.

I’m also reminded of the quote above from Yogi Bhajan:

“Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up”.

Over the years I’ve done many consistent “little” things to “keep up”. From daily vigorous exercise (at least 20 minutes and usually 40) , sunshine walks, dry-brushing my body, getting plenty of sleep, taking deep breaths throughout the day, and nourishing myself with homemade fresh whole foods over empty “fastfoods”… to creating a morning spiritual practice, a harmonious home, loving relationships, work I love, and tending to my heart’s desires and joy.

I realize I’ve been “Kept Up”. Small, consistent, daily Acts of Self-Love have accumulated to create a HIGHLY VIBRATIONAL WOMAN. This has created Great Resilience to handle anything in the world with aplomb, even getting booted out of bed in the morning by some gnarly pirates and forced onto the street with a hienous hairstyle! ;D

Back to today. It’s a Gorgeous, “Perfect 10” Day, whose morning I might’ve missed had I not been forced out the door. The pups and I continue our stroll through the tree-lined streets. I feel ALIVE, JOY-FILLED, IN LOVE, AT PEACE…


Now I ask You My Sweet “HIGH VIBRATIONAL” Friend: (I know you’re  “HIGH-VIBE” because you’re here, and it’s “Like Onto Like”!)

*Is there an area of your life that needs some attention and extra-love from you? It could be your home, your relationship, your health, your finances, your life purpose, your family, or even a couple of these. Which, if any, comes to mind for you?

*If so, what is ONE SMALL THING you can do RIGHT NOW to begin to create it ANEW? What TINY DISTINCTION will you commit to doing on a consistent basis to amp up the VIBRANCE in that arena?

*Let me know in the comment section below or on Facebook. I would LOVE to Stand Behind You and Your New Intention, and POWER IT UP WITH GOOD THOUGHTS FOR YOU!  I’d be happy to give you support and feedback should you desire.

I also have a New Intention too- to get to bed earlier! I am a notorious night-owl yet truly desire to get to bed earlier. 11pm would work! Let’s support each other in our missions.

With the Greatest of Love for You!


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