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“My Doozy Wake-Up Call” and “Are You Being Kept Up?”

  “Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up”.     Hello Everybody and a Warm Welcome to All Our New Subscribers! How are you all Beauties and Handsome Hunks doing out there in the world? The above the photo depicts how I feel most mornings upon awakening. However this morning was quite a different story for [...]

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[Exquisite Self Care- Your Body] “10 Ways to Glow From Head to Toe”

“Laughter is an Instant Vacation.” Milton Berle Hello Beautiful, Amazing Friends and a Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! Whoo-ie it was a whirly-windy past week!  How about you, was it a bit of a high-intensity time  for you too?  Today we had a good laugh with great friends who were visiting from out of [...]

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“A Tale of Two Moi’s” (Or My Funny, Bumpy Valentine’s Day)

“A Tale of Two Moi’s”- Perhaps You Can Relate? So The Man of the House (AKA my “Prime Mate”, “SB” the Sexy Beast, “The Prince of Pop Ups” (as in the skateboard term- and- ok I’ll stop there) gave me a lovely bouquet of Hyacinths the day before Valentine’s Day. I loved them, so thoughtful, so [...]

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[Vibrant Body By Penotti] “5 Fresh Ideas for a Buoyant Body and Life!”

“And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin      Hi Everybody and a Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! How are you all doing today my Sweet and Amazing Friends? How is 2013 rolling out for you so far? [...]

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“Synchronized Dance Moves” and “A Favorite Natural Remedy for You!”

 ”There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them” Vicky Baum Hello and Happy Holiday Season You Shining Stars! How are you all doing? Do you feel a sense of excitement bubbling up in you?  I  know many of us have had stressful events recently, with big changes afoot, or perhaps confusing episodes [...]

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“A Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” and “Only Connect!”

    “Oh You’ve Got to Have Friends, the Feeling’s Oh So Strong!” Bette Midler Hi Everybody and a Big Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! How are you today my Sweet Amazing Friends? When I wrote this issue I was traveling- which I love! I was on the second part of my trip, leaving [...]

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“5 More Little Things that Give Big Bang for Beauty and Health!”

“Keep Up and You Shall Be Kept Up” Yogi Bhajan Part 2 Hi there my lovely friends, In my last post ”A Wild and Doozy Morning” I spoke of the “Little Things” that had accumulated to create a Highly Vibrational Woman in me. A number of you responded-  about the little things YOU intended to do be “kept up” and highly [...]

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Hello Honey-Pies! Today I’d like to share a DELICIOUS FACIAL CLEANSER I’ve been using lately. It’s all natural, and so good you truly could eat it! This recipe was shared with me by my lovely client Michelle Masterson, who is conversant with all things Yummy and Beautifying- thank you MM! I consider it an act [...]

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Summer Meal Idea and A Creamy Cool Sweet Treat for You!

Hi Everyone! Right now it’s pretty steamy hot here in the USA. I tend to lose my appetite when it’s this hot, or crave water-rich foods. For this reason, one of my favorite lunches over the summer is to simply enjoy a half of a large melon (I love watermelon or canteloupe), or a big [...]

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