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[Exquisite Self Care- Your Body] “10 Ways to Glow From Head to Toe”

“Laughter is an Instant Vacation.” Milton Berle Hello Beautiful, Amazing Friends and a Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! Whoo-ie it was a whirly-windy past week!  How about you, was it a bit of a high-intensity time  for you too?  Today we had a good laugh with great friends who were visiting from out of [...]

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Hello Honey-Pies! Today I’d like to share a DELICIOUS FACIAL CLEANSER I’ve been using lately. It’s all natural, and so good you truly could eat it! This recipe was shared with me by my lovely client Michelle Masterson, who is conversant with all things Yummy and Beautifying- thank you MM! I consider it an act [...]

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