Sculpting Your Beautiful Body!

As a Fitness Trainer for over 25 years I’ve experimented with many approaches to getting in top shape, and staying that way. My aim has always been the same: to get the best results in the least amount of time- and to design workouts that are simple and can be done anywhere.

Here’s a secret: You don’t need alot of time for an exercise program- just CONSISTENCY.  :D

Here’s to your outrageous success for creating a healthy, strong, sexy body!

Berrnadette’s Basic Principles of Exercise:

1~ EXERCISE EVERY DAY~ yep~ every day. Make it a habit just like eating breakfast or lunch, going to bed or brushing your teeth.

2~ EXERCISE AT THE SAME TIME EVERY DAY to reinforce the habit. Mornings are best. Make an appointment with yourself that you promise to keep before you do anything else. If mornings are not possible, do it whenever you can, just make it the same time every day.

3~THE KEY IS TO BE CONSISTENT. This is how you will see and feel results. If you are a beginner you can start with as little as 2 minutes a day, then build to 10 minutes. Work up to 20 then 30 minutes per day. Feel free to do more-however if you are exercising properly more than 30 minutes per day is not necessary.

4~DO RESISTANCE TRAINING- that is using your body weight, light weights, or rubber bands to challenge or “resist”  your muscles so they will grow. (Push-Ups and Squats are good examples of this). Move quickly between exercises and you will be getting an AEROBIC (aka CARDIO) workout simultaneously. (This is how we save tons of time and get the most bang for buck!) Then “FLEX” (stretch- as in Yoga) those same muscles to add resilience and suppleness.

5~ TO DO A POWERFUL WORKOUT- YOUR BODY WEIGHT AND ENOUGH ROOM TO STAND UP OR LAY FLAT IS ALL THAT’S REQUIRED. It’s not necessary to go to a gym, or have alot of fancy-schmancy equipment. To add variety and versatility we can incorporate light weights/resistance in the form of dumbbells or rubber bands. Of course if you enjoy going to the gym by all means do it- and an endless array of variety is yours there.

6~VARY YOUR WORKOUT and Have FUN with It for optimal results- ie one day with weights, the next day with power walking, the third day dance til you sweat in your living room (yes really! or do *SNEAKY FITNESS or go biking- you get the picture). However I highly recommend that at least 2 of your sessions be laser-focused on resistance training as per above.

*Berrnadette’s “Sneaky Fitness” system are exercises that you can do anywhere in the midst of a busy day! Check back soon for her video posts on this, and also at YouTube/

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“Thank you so much…love to get your newsletters!!

Per your advice I’ve taken to dry brushing my body every day…I LOVE IT…my skin loves it!!

Have a great day…Aloha, Penny”

2 Responses to Fitness
  1. Geoffrey Hale
    February 28, 2012 | 1:57 pm

    Another wonderful short and easy list for healthy living. I love your approach to health. My favorites on your list are #3 and #6 – consistency and variety. With the injuries I’ve incurred over the years, starting slow and progressing through consistent effort is key. Also, I don’t compete anymore so I prefer the all-around healthy feeling of variety and it allows me to put in more effort into my workouts without over-working anything.

    Anyone interested in #4, resistance training, may find this article helpful:


  2. berrnadettep
    February 29, 2012 | 12:39 pm

    Hi and Thanks Geoffrey!
    That’s great about starting slow but being consistent- a sure path to transformation. Thanks for your winning and fun article here on training too!
    There are more ideas I wanted to add to this page. Like experimenting with “bursts” throughout the day, or what I call “Sneaky Fitness” to release human growth hormone and get a great “bang for buck” workout in in just minutes a day. Bursting- or simply doing an all-out set of jumping squats or push-ups (or intense recumbent biking, sprinting, elliptical) for 30-40 seconds 4-8 times a day is great to add in couple days a week for power and ease of use.

    The other thing I champion for my clients and everyone- echoes Nike’s awesome and famous tagline “Just do it”. I take the “Do I feel like moving my body?” out of the equation and just go get into it. I do listen if it seems like my body wants to just “dance it out” hah- or if it’s time for a more intense weight-resistant workout. The variety makes it fun you’re right, and no “repetitive strain injuries” here!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!