Healthy LifeStyle

“Healthy changes of lifestyle and spiritual practice are paths leading to the same goal, and each path needs to be driven along each day.” Caroline Myss

Fitness From The Inside Out

In this beautiful yet chaotic world of ours we need to build up an energetic “cushion” around ourselves- or as one of my favorite teachers Caroline Myss says “surrounding ourselves with a field of grace”. This means getting and keeping our other muscles fit every day too – our emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual muscles. We require this “inner fitness” as much as we require physical fitness.  This is what it takes to be be a sane, resilient, healthy person in the world today. Even 5 minutes of  “inner muscle” practice every morning (consisting of quiet time and reflection) will go a long way to creating peace in our mind and lives. How to do this will be an ongoing discussion here, and in my blog. Please check back soon for more wisdom gathered about living a congruent life…