“A Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” and “Only Connect!”

    “Oh You’ve Got to Have Friends, the Feeling’s Oh So Strong!” Bette Midler Hi Everybody and a Big Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! How are you today my Sweet Amazing Friends? When I wrote this issue I was traveling- which I love! I was on the second part of my trip, leaving [...]

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“5 More Little Things that Give Big Bang for Beauty and Health!”

“Keep Up and You Shall Be Kept Up” Yogi Bhajan Part 2 Hi there my lovely friends, In my last post ”A Wild and Doozy Morning” I spoke of the “Little Things” that had accumulated to create a Highly Vibrational Woman in me. A number of you responded-  about the little things YOU intended to do be “kept up” and highly [...]

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Summer ala’ New York City!

This is the back to school  ”what I did on my summer vacation” post! We had wonderful summer here in the NYC area. The greatest thing this year was summer started early, with warm balmy temps kicking in mid-April (and still going strong as of Sept). A big gift for this Northeast locale and for me [...]

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