“A Tale of Two Moi’s” (Or My Funny, Bumpy Valentine’s Day)

photo-38-1“A Tale of Two Moi’s”- Perhaps You Can Relate?

So The Man of the House (AKA my “Prime Mate”, “SB” the Sexy Beast, “The Prince of Pop Ups” (as in the skateboard term- and- ok I’ll stop there) gave me a lovely bouquet of Hyacinths the day before Valentine’s Day. I loved them, so thoughtful, so fragrant and SO nodding to Warm Sunny Spring!

Then we spoke of how Valentine’s Day is a “made-up” Hallmark holiday, how it’s Crazy we have to Designate a day to say “I LOVE YOU”, and we needn’t conform to that consensus, not us.

Fast Fwd to yesterday, 6PM VDay, the Sexy Beast comes home. He plops down on the couch and buries himself in some emails. It’s just like any other end of day, (and I can’t believe I’m telling you this) but I’m thinking “Well isn’t he going to AT LEAST wish me Happy V Day??” I look and there’s Not one sound or inkling of this coming from him. Nada. I’m thinking “I KNOW we agreed to Not Conform, but geez can’t I AT LEAST get a “Happy V Day Sweetie, and a little kiss??!” (And yes I gave him a funny card and giftee in the AM, snuck them into his computer bag,which he loved and thanked me for by text.)
So anyway, SB notices I’m kind of circling around him, w some puffs of smoke coming from my face. He says “Are you alright?” And I say “Yes. I’m FINE.” (I know- CLASSIC Right?) Then I fling on my coat and say I’m going to the gym. He says “Have a great workout sweetie!”- to which I slam the door. Really. ;D)))

Thirty minutes later I return, thinking “What a TOTAL BRAT I’ve been, we agreed not to conform. AND he thoughtfully gifted me the gorgeous Hyacinths, And another dazzling gift earlier in the week- what the Freak is wrong w me?? I MUST apologize NOW.”

So I open the door to throw my arms around him. He’s still there on the couch, and there in the middle of the room, is this Gigantic Gorgeous Bouquet of Roses, Lovely Chocolates, Two Fresh-Pressed Green Juices-one called “Love at First Sight”- and an invitation to dinner. Yep.

Of Course I WAS THRILLED, and my Romantic Heart, Totally Warmed.
That’s my “Tale of Two Moi’s”.
With Thoughts of Love -and More Love- for You Everyday! 


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