“5 More Little Things that Give Big Bang for Beauty and Health!”

“Keep Up and You Shall Be Kept Up”

Yogi Bhajan

Part 2

Hi there my lovely friends,

In my last post ”A Wild and Doozy Morning” I spoke of the “Little Things” that had accumulated to create a Highly Vibrational Woman in me. A number of you responded-  about the little things YOU intended to do be “kept up” and highly vibrational”. Loved hearing from ALL of  YOU, keep going and  keep me posted!

I wanted to share some other ideas that Add Up to Keep Me Going Strong, and perhaps you’ll test them out too.  So here they are, enjoy!

“5 More Little Things that Give Big Bang for Beauty and Health”


1. Whenever I can, I Get Outside and get my bare tootsies Onto The Earth. 

This quickly reduces stress and inflammation in the body, always a BIG Beauty boost. (If the sun is out even better so we can grab some Vitamin D too! And YES, I do this right through the winter. I find connecting with the ground when it’s cold, actually strengthens my immune system and helps me feel warmer for the rest of the day.) Even a couple of minutes  of “Earthing” on any natural surface is greatly rejuvenating.  The “free electrons” from the earth are some of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man. Done consistently Earthing, or “Grounding” will create a more Radiant Body.

The morning of this recent photo (above) it was chilly and drizzling. I racewalked with my pup for about 20 minutes. Then we finished up with 20 minutes of yoga on a grass-covered pier on Hudson River here in NYC.  Just 20 mins of yoga and I felt super-invigorated and GRRREAT! 

Ps- I put my scarf around my pup Poohsie and he just dozed off cute little guy! A lovely young tourist from India walked by and snapped our photo. I was deep into enjoying some gorgeous chants (Krishna Das) on my Ipod, so didn’t notice. Later he said hello and shared his photo with me. In the background (though blurry here) is the new “Freedom Tower”- almost fully erected. The tower is the beautiful memorial to the former World Trade Center.

2. I Eat Delicious Sea Vegetables Everyday!  Because seaweed cleanses the body and blood, removes heavy metal toxicity, and is also a wonderful tonic for the thyroid.

 I use the Maine Coast brand because I know this is a clean source. I love Kelp (Kombu) Dulse, Bladderwrack, Wakame, Nori and Irish Moss. I eat Dulse and Nori right out of the bag (they hit the spot instead of chips when you want something salty). Otherwise I soak them and layer into a wrap, or throw some in soups, yummy! Plus they are a Very valuable source of Natural Iodine which most of us are lacking, and  also help balance our hormones. Finally, they help our ((Skin Glow)) so give them a Go!

3. I Stop Eating , or finish my last meal, at least 3 hours (if not more) before bed.

This let’s our body fully repair, gives our digestive system a rest, and helps insure deeper sleep- aaaah… I usually stop eating around 8pm, go to bed by midnight (little by little this notorious night-owl is pushing her bedtime back!) and don’t eat again until approx 11am or noon. This way it’s like a mini- fast I take every night, which helps create longevity and resilience in our body and does our entire system a world of good!

4. I filter the water in my shower and bath.

Otherwise we’re bathing in gallons of chlorine and other chemicals. Most of us know to filter our drinking water, but did you know taking one long shower is the equivalent of drinking a weeks worth of unfiltered water? So look into getting a filter, or until then take very brief luke-warm showers to avoid soaking in too much of  the unfiltered water. Remember everything that goes onto our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, and the health of our beautiful bodies happens from the inside out.

5. I Keep My Word. To Everyone and To Myself.

Or if I find I cannot keep my word, I let the other party know immediately that I cannot keep my word. I stay congruent, in integrity, and whole. This is actually a Big “Little Thing” and has brought much peace and simplicity to my life. When I was younger I was a bit of a “storyteller”. I’d make things up so I could make things go more smoothly. So I thought. Instead, what I did was fragment and splinter myself, because inside I knew I wasn’t telling/living the Truth. Much time and energy squandered that could’ve gone into BOLD CREATION of what I Really Wanted. Rather than spending that time deflecting what I Didn’t Want…Now I keep my word always. Life is way less cluttered and far more clear and unfettered when I keep my word! :)

Ps- I’d love to hear about the ways you’ve kept your word to yourself- BIG or little. We all learn from each other, so go ahead let us know below…


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With Love and All the Blessings of the World to You,


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4 Responses to “5 More Little Things that Give Big Bang for Beauty and Health!”
  1. Janet Tragale
    October 28, 2012 | 8:39 pm

    Hey Bernadette. Found your website by accident. Plan on reading it and getting some good tips to get back in shape. Hope all is well. Kiss your mom for me. I owe her a phone call Stay well. Give my love to all. Xxx Janet.

  2. berrnadettep
    October 28, 2012 | 8:46 pm

    Hiii Janet Beauty! So happy you found your way here! I will kiss my Mom and give her your love, she’ll like that ;D and love to your whole gang there too! Feel free to join the newsletter too at http://berrnadettepenotti.com for more tips as well. Love you and see you soon! xoxoxberrnadette

  3. Kathrine
    November 16, 2012 | 6:06 pm

    Your amazing listen Die hard jogger die hard jogger

  4. berrnadettep
    November 16, 2012 | 6:13 pm

    Haha thank you very much Kathrine… Die hard jogger, die hard jogger/ comedianne that you are!;D) (Ps-Should we tell everyone here about our inside joke? :) XO