[Vibrant Body By Penotti] “5 Fresh Ideas for a Buoyant Body and Life!”

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“And the time came when the risk

to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin



 Hi Everybody and a Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers!

How are you all doing today my Sweet and Amazing Friends? How is 2013 rolling out for you so far? I’d love to hear.

Spring is coming. Time to open our petals and blossom!

I just came in from a refreshing stroll with my pups here in NYC. It’s a “warmish” (for us!) 31 degrees. Five days ago it was 57 degrees and I actually whipped out my shorts- whooee! Two days ago we went back into a deep freeze with a wind chill of 0 degrees-brrr! Finally, just over a week ago Mother Nature even belted out a big beautiful snow storm to us in the North East. That Foxy Mama sure knows how to keep us on our toes!                                                                                                                          

I find storms and changing weather refreshing and thrilling. (As long as we are out of harm’s way and have a warm coat). The changing weather patterns each possess a unique beauty. None is inherently good or bad. 

Just like life. Every day brings a new weather pattern in the “outside world”- ie work, relationships, finance, health, career and home matters. I’ve learned to take care of my “inside world” first. Then world outside of me will be reflected in this. I make a powerful choice of how I want to be and live in the world, then follow that up with actions and deeds that support that choice. I have a clear vision. Then if things get funky, ie the roof over my head leaks or if someone I love leaves my life, I have the clarity of my vision to keep me buoyant.

This is what I do when working with my clients. I help them get crystal clear about Who they want to be in the world and What they want their life to be, and then we get into action creating this. The “getting into action” part is Tres Fun! On this note, many of us are Re-Inventing Ourselves or changing it up this year (including me!). So in today’s article I offer you 5 Fresh Ideas for a Buoyant Body and Life!- and through Possibly Unchartered Territory.


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“5 Fresh Ideas for a Buoyant Body and Life!”

We are living in exciting times. Things are changing overnight in our world. But the Real News is that many of us are waking up to the exciting terrain within our very own minds and souls. This is Good News. There is such untapped and glorious territory in them thar hills! In fact, everything we’ve ever desired is “blueprinted” right here within us… within the dancing oscillating field of molecules known as “You” or “Me”.

We are the Abundance, Magic, Peace, Beauty, Light, Love and Answers We are Searching For!

People who are “Highly Vibrational” have tapped into this blueprint whether they know it or not. These are people who walk into a room and their mere presence lights up the entire room. We feel good around them, uplifted and inspired. Their presence actually helps us all line up to our own Grander selves. Also, Highly Vibrational people thrive in the world. They feel good, they have energy and stamina to burn and they look Hot! They also  have clarity, great wit, resilience and an abundance of the whatever they love in their lives. Are you  a Highly Vibrational person or do you know one??


Here’s Some Ideas for How to Be  a“High Vibe” God or Goddess :


1.Make choices that make (((YOU)) happy. Make choices that align with who you truly are. Live Congruent to what YOU truly want. Stop paying attention to what others want you to do. Be the Guru of You.  This alone will Light You Up and Line you Up with the best this life has to offer you.

For instance, if you Light Up being in nature everyday, living in the big city could be an incongruent choice. Or if you thrive on plenty of physical movement daily, a job that requires you to sit all day could be incongruent.What areas of your life are out of synch with you right now? What could you do to change it up right now? Ie – Could you simply start standing at your desk more, or even getting your “dance on” periodically while at work, or perhaps even get a treadmill desk if you value movement? Or is there a park you can visit each day to roll around in the grass or take a daily hike?  If you’re a city dweller currently but love the mountains is there a way to enjoy the mountains on the weekend? Or perhaps the time has come to move homes to have what you TRULY want?

You get the picture. How can you be a better vibrational match to YOU?

Ps- I had the “sitting too much” thing happening for me. My solution was to simply prop my lovely rattan file boxes onto my desk. This created a new surface that was just about naval height- perfect for standing at!  I stand, wiggle, twist, prop up on one leg,  for about 4 hours a day now. I have  SOOO MUCH MORE ENERGY later in the way by sitting less and standing more. (Can see my  BEFORE AND AFTER ” rigged” desk below.) I also have a larger desk to work at when I want to “spread out”. And check out my old- fashioned corded “ground-line” phone here that I LOVE! Make your work area perfect for YOU!

IMG_1686 Makeshift Standing Desk!

2. Live in the Present Moment. This moment of time will never come again- why not make the most of it- even make it GRAND- wherever you happen to be? LOVE the person you’re with now, LOVE your current job, and LOVE Yourself so much you LIGHT UP the World. Or CHANGE IT ALL UP NOW IF THAT’S MORE TRUTH-FILLED TO YOU. Be playful and wildly creative.Why? Because it’s FUN and it because it keeps all those oscillating molecules known as “YOU” spinning and glowing fiercely! Living in the Present  also puts us in the field of the Infinite, where all possibilities exist. (I like that! Infinite Possibilities? Well Hell Yeah I’ll have some of that! :)


3. If a heavy feeling comes through don’t deny it. Yet also don’t put the grip of death on it and analyze to pieces. Express it to someone if you need to, journal it, draw it, work out, dance it out. Just don’t  go tryyyyin’ to change it! What we resist persists. Allow it to be there, thank it for sharing, ask if it has a message for you, get the message, and move on. It WILL pass if you don’t resist it.  Ps-All feelings (good or bad) are simply a thought we are having an experience of. We can also simply observe it and let it float by like a cloud in the sky~~~~~ 


4. RELAX. It’s all a wonderful adventure here . Yes! Every facet of our lives is fascinating. Even the gnarly parts have beauty and wisdom for us. Look into each situation in your life and you will find a diamond. We really can’t make a wrong move. It’s simply a brush stroke in the painting of our life. Sometimes it’s a stroke of genius, other times “not so much”. Even so called “geniuses and experts” have off days.  With awareness, we can simply choose a different brush stroke or color palette, and start anew.

5Move Your Body! I don’t have any rules about how to move your bodyJust do it.  In a way that feels like FUN and do it often. This keeps our energy, thought forms and creativity all fresh and moving. It also helps break up stagnant patterns in our mind.

All which helps us tap our  ”Highly Vibrational Selves” through the relaxation response it causes during and after.  I  change it up daily- yoga, free-weights, sprints outside, dancing to rockin’ music in my living room, and rebounding are some of my favorite ways to bust a move. (Can see a tiny video of me HERE doing the latter on my NYC roof here last December , and you see other fave Fun Moves I do to keep myself uplifted while you’re there too. )



That’s it for now All You Super-Stars. See you again soon. Next week I’ll share more specifics of what I do  to keep myself “Highly Vibrational” around money and wealth generation.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts or questions by commenting below.

I Love You Wildly and Grandly!


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