Intuitive Life Coaching Programs

Berrnadette Penotti is a Highly Sought-After Intuitive Life Coach and Counselor, 

Certified Health and Wellness Mentor, and Expert in Sacred Numerology. 

She has guided thousands of clients worldwide how to create health,

wealth, abundance and well-being in every area, through leveraging

their Unique- “Born With This”- Special Talents and Abilities. 

Berrnadette has the ability to discern what an Individual’s Life Calling is.

She clarifies and answers questions around all matters

of wealth creation, business, career, health, emotional freedom,

love and relationships.

Berrnadette Penotti’s insights are also sought after by businesses

and entrepreneurs to help create highly fortunate names

and branding for their companies.


Intuitive Coaching Session and Personal Success Blueprint with Berrnadette


1. “PREMIERE”.. Your Unique Design Blueprint and Intuitive Coaching Session”   $225

By Phone (In-Person Available. Inquire for Details) 

**This is a 90 Minute In-Depth Intuitive Session with Berrnadette. This includes Your Personal Numerology Blueprint and Berrnadette’s Expert Interpretation. Bring all your questions and concerns here. Berrnadette will help you resolve and bring all into harmony.

Would You Like to Finally Resolve a Certain Relationship, Career, Family, Financial, Health Matter? Or Bring to Clarity a Certain Sticky Area of Your Life? Or Make an Important Decision with Ease and Confidence?

*If your answer is YES!  then a 90 Minute In-Depth Premiere Intuitive Session is for You! - $225

“Berrnadette rocks… she is articulate, clear and accurate! ” ~Joan Dwyer, Founder and Director, All That Matters Holistic Health and Yoga Center ~Leading Health and Yoga Center of New England.



2. NEW! “Reset With Berrnadette” Pilot Program” -Includes Your In-Depth Personal Astro/Numerology Blueprint!

From Berrnadette:  For Those of  You Beautiful Angels Who Would Like to “Test-Run” Intuitive Coaching with Me, It’s Here! Get Your Life Back on Track. Resolve Sticky or Limiting Patterns.. Discover Unique Gifts and Talents You Didn’t Know you Had.. Or IGNITE The Gifts You know You Have, in a Joyful and EaseFul Way. It’s my Honor and Joy to Help You Finally “Get Your Life Right!” (Can See More About Coaching with Me Below)

This is Great Transformational Intuitive Coaching with Berrnadette… In Four Powerful 60-75 Minute Sessions. Boom!

Sign on Right Below Here and I Look Forward to Seeing You!


“My intuitive sessions with Berrnadette were a mind-blow.” ~ Jeanne Demers, Arts Educator and Creator of


3.  Fortunate Name Report: ”Is My Name Highly Vibrational and Fortunate for Me?”  $197

Do You Know Your Name is Your “Spiritual Calling Card”?  And that it adds up to a special number that is either helping you or drawing challenges to you? Do you know you can ACTIVATE Your Divine Abundance and Soul’s Calling by having a Fortunate Name? Whenever clients book me for an intuitive reading or coaching program I’m always sure to see if their name(s) are supporting them in the world. 

 Are You Naming a New Business? Are You Deciding on the Name for Your Book, Project or Website? Do You Want to Know if Your Current or Potential Name is Fortunate? Here are just some of the wonderful results when you have a Fortunate Name:

  • Your life is much more effortless. 
  • Doors open that were formerly closed.
  • You become more conscious because you’re not worrying about life like you did before.
  • More opportunities appear – and they appear at the perfect time.
  • You begin living on your OWN terms – and stop depending on others people’s ideas of who you should be.
  • Supportive people walk into your life unexpectedly and shift you in a powerful way. 

Have a “Fortunate Name Report” Now:

  • How is your current name affecting you and your life right now? Do you want to know if your name is helping you and elevating you, or is it creating challenges in your life? Berrnadette will look at your current name (s) and make sure it adds up to a fortunate number. Additionally you can can give her the name of your business, project, product, book title, or website. If it needs a different spelling Berrnadette will create those changes for you. Through Berrnadette’s expertise You can have a name you LOVE that’s also a Highly Fortunate and Wealthy One. $197

“Dear Bernadette.. Thank you so much for your Wonderful, Inspiring, Amazing HELP! I am very grateful. You are a talented Coach/Guide. You are a very evolved, special, beautiful woman inside and out. I’m thrilled to have met you.”~

R. H. , Fine Artist, New York City

Please Contact Us Here for Further Details, to Schedule a Call with Bernadette, or to See Which  Coaching Option is Best for You. Thank You!
A Look into Berrnadette’s Powerful “RESET WITH BERNADETTE” Coaching Program:
  • In this exciting  program Berrnadette will first create a Personal Intuitive Numerology Blueprint for You. She will then guide you  through a series of Intuitive Coaching Sessions. Berrnadette starts by helping you “Know Thyself”  as she shares her impressions of you and your blueprint.  She’ll then Empower You Into Action on your Deepest Desires, Potentials and Opportunities. Berrnadette will Help You Create a Life You Truly Love.  While having fun and enjoying lots of laughs throughout!
  •  Berrnadette utilizes her greatest strengths to guide you there. This includes her  significant Intuitive Coaching Expertise, her vast experience in Health and Wellness Mentorship, and her own vivid recipe for living a joyful life. Clients report exhilaration in receiving a deeply potent, clarifying and immediately useful results.
  • In your first 60-75 minute session Berrnadette will detail your blueprint and it’s most significant messages for you. In each additional Intuitive session Berrnadette will further guide you on How To Boldly and Elegantly Bring Your Projects to Fruition, and Turn-Around Any Area of Your Life.
  • This is especially GREAT FOR SOMEONE WHO IS HIGHLY MOTIVATED TO CREATE A BOLD NEW LIFE, and who wants to “Not Die Before They Give Birth To Themselves”.
  • This is Also for Someone Who Has Been Stuck or “Looping” in Any Area of Their Life. Who is Ready to Unravel and Resolve this Area of their Life. To Live in Peace, Ease and Joy Again.
  • Berrnadette offers her signature coaching on a 3 month or 6 month basis. (Or her NEW “Pilot Program” Above)
  •  Contact Us  for more details and rates, we look forward to speaking with you! 

Berrnadette is the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. She knows how to see your energy and revive your mind, body, life and spirit like no other. She was EXACTLY what I needed” ~ Cornelia Guest, Actress, Fashion Designer, Animal Advocate and Activist 

Please Note:

*Berrnadette’s Signature Coaching is offered on a Three and Six Month Basis. 

*In-Person Sessions with Bernadette are Available on Limited Basis. Kindly Inquire for Details.

Payments accepted via Paypal and Check. Payment Arrangements are Available.

For a Single Session Experience of Bernadette’s Expert Intuitive Coaching and  Please Choose “Premiere” Session on this Page.

For Further Details, to Schedule a Call with Bernadette, or to See Which Coaching Option is Best for You Please Contact Us Here 

Thank You!




Questions? Feel free to Contact Berrnadette for further details.

We look forward to assisting you on your path!


Praise for Berrnadette’s Work

“My intuitive session with Berrnadette was a mind-blow. I was speechless as she told me things about my life that resonated on a very deep level.  I left the session feeling a huge sense of empowerment, clarity and assurance about my life’s path.  It was both affirming and instructive.  I am a raving fan and recommending a session and coaching with her to everyone I care about.  Thank you, Berrnadette!~ Jeanne Demers, Arts Educator and Creator of

“Berrnadette is one of the most gifted, compassionate, and generous people I know. No matter what challenge or life situation you are facing, Berrnadette’s wisdom, laser-sharp intuition and vast knowledge of health and wellness, will propel you to the next level of success you are seeking.“~Peggy Rometo, Intuitive Healer, Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master, Hay House radio host of ‘Intuitive Insights” and author of “The Little Book of Big Promises”

“I have been searching for a intuitive counselor and numerologist for years and I finally found her.Her name is Berrnadette…yes, two “r’s”. She gave me the most accurate reading and insight to my name, my birthdate, and where all those numbers are heading for me. It was an incredible. It gave me such focus and comfort to have the clarity of her reading and follow-up sessions. Thank you Berrnadette!” ~Michelle F. Williams, President, The Michelle Williams Group and “Ahead of the Curve”~ New York Consulting Agency for the Beauty Industry,

“Berrnadette gives the term “Self Care” a completely new meaning for me. I love her unique approach where she combines a deep knowledge of food, practical fitness, mind/body practices, science, numerology and her spot-on intuitive abilities to get an accurate idea of what would best serve me. I’ve already seen a big difference in the quality and amount of energy I have and a definite shift in the way my body looks. Berrnadette has an uncanny ability and innate wisdom to help bring all the pieces of your life together in a conscious way so you understand yourself and your circumstances with deeper clarity.”~Helen Kim, Conscious Wealth, Hay House Radio host, Founder of

“Berrnadette rocks… she is articulate, clear and accurate! Her years of study and passion come through in every reading, workshop and intuitive counseling session. She is a good teacher and offers solid guidance peppered with inspiration. She also practices what she preaches…which I find very refreshing and affirming.” ~Joan Dwyer, Founder and Director, All That Matters Holistic Health and Yoga Center ~Leading  health and yoga center of New England.

“Berrnadette is amazing! She helped me figure out really simple ways to get my body and health in great shape (and I love her easy recipes). I like to say “Hottie Penotti gave me my Hottie Body!” We started with her giving me a jaw-dropping great reading and then she coached me to put it all into action. Berrnadette is the the real deal!~Kathrine Narducci, Actress (The Sopranos, A Bronx Tale,Entourage, Law and Order)

“Dear Bernadette.. Thank you so much for your Wonderful, Inspiring, Amazing HELP! I am very grateful. You are a talented Coach/Guide. You are a very evolved, special, beautiful woman inside and out. I’m thrilled to have met you.”~ R. H. , FINE ARTIST, NYC

Berrnadette is the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. She knows how to see your energy and revive your mind, body, life and spirit like no other. She was EXACTLY what I needed” ~ Cornelia Guest, Actress, Fashion Designer, Animal Advocate and Activist

 “I’ve never felt more happy, healthy, energetic, sexy! Plus, I’ve lost weight – 18 pounds! The tricks and insights how to do this come from my new coach — Berrnadette Penotti – of the famed “Vibrant Body By Penotti” celebrity trainer and health and well-being coach (The lucky ones who’ve worked with her include Kate Beckinsdale, Melanie Griffith, Bruce Willis, Jake Weber…and now little me — who is becoming an even “littler” me under her auspices!) ~Karen Salmansohn~Personal Growth Expert and Best-Selling Author~ “How to Be Happy Dammit”,”The Bounce-Back Book”, “The Prince Harming Syndrome”

“Berrnadette’s intuitive reading was awesome. It was very personal, with the perfect mix of  science and inspiration. She is a wonderful and deeply committed practitioner, which comes through in all her readings.”~Chrystina Hanson, Photo Stylist, NYC

“Thank you, thank you dear Berrnadette! I was really wanting (needing!) to make a BIG change in my career but  felt so daunted in how to proceed. I didn’t have experience or credentials for the next phase- or so I thought. Through your Amazing coaching sessions and intuitive readings you took me by the hand, helped me see exactly what my next steps were and go confidently forward. Plus you made the whole process fun and exciting. Sooo happy I was introduced to you. This world is in need of your work and gifts. ” ~ S. Lieberman, Museum Director, New York City

Feel free to Contact Berrnadette with any questions or comments.

It’s our pleasure and honor to serve you!


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