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“A Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” and “Only Connect!”

    “Oh You’ve Got to Have Friends, the Feeling’s Oh So Strong!” Bette Midler Hi Everybody and a Big Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers! How are you today my Sweet Amazing Friends? When I wrote this issue I was traveling- which I love! I was on the second part of my trip, leaving [...]

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“The Real Slurp on Sensuous Smoothies and Fresh-Pressed Juices!”

Hi Everyone! Happy Mid-Summer’s Dream. Here’s some  juicy info on TWO of my favorite and beautifying concoctions! Homemade smoothies and fresh juices are two of the simplest and most beneficial (and delicious) foods to include in your diet on a regular basis. Personally, I love both! I usually have a smoothie every day and a juice [...]

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The “Take Care Of Yourself” Club!

I loved this post from Cheryl Richardson’s email today- CherylRichardson.com – about taking good care of ourselves and things to remember so am sharing it with you too- pick one or two to focus on right away and  see what a difference these make! From Cheryl: We had a terrific group of women and this [...]

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