“A Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” and “Only Connect!”



“Oh You’ve Got to Have Friends,
the Feeling’s Oh So Strong!”
Bette Midler

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How are you today my Sweet Amazing Friends?

When I wrote this issue I was traveling- which I love! I was on the second part of my trip, leaving sunny L.A. for the beautiful plains of Arizona. It was so exciting to meet with pals from all over the world in LA for the “Women’s Wellness and Empowerment Conference”. Then onto Phoenix, AZ where I met with more great friends, at what’s been a life-changing mentoring program for me. I’ll be sure tell you more next time we speak!  I’ll also share some wildly happy results for one of my clients, who by simply by slowing down and making a “To Not Do” List, discovered the Love of Her Life was literally living next door.  

Meantime in this issue of ”Vibrant Body By Penotti”  you’ll find the details of a happy, cozy ritual my girlfriends and I share which I call “The Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” and also my thoughts on the power of “Connecting”.(Speaking of which, above here’s me with two of my beloved and long-time pals, Aida Turturro and Maria James, cuddling up “al fresco”, after visiting Aida on a film set here in NYC.)

With the world about to end (NO it’s not, just kidding, though if you watch the news you might think so!) The world as we know it, IS CH-CH-CHANGING. Changes are exciting, though sometimes they come with stress. It sure helps to have loving friends and family to share with, laugh it up,and “let it all hang out”! ;D While I love Facebook and virtual greeting cards, it’s SO Wonderful to give and get real hugs! It’s also a true act of self-love to surround ourselves with people who uplift and inspire us, and whose presence delights us.


A great act of self-love and strength also is to ask for help when you need it. Whether you reach out to a dear friend or family member, a trusted neighbor, a “12 Step” program, or a professional coach, you begin resolving that pesky problem by simply asking for help. A world of possibility opens up, and the old maxim “2 heads are better than one” certainly rings true here. I learned this the hard way.

For many years I was a “Lone Wolf” not asking for help. I figured “Well dang, I help my clients get well and prosper, I should be able to figure this out myself!” Sometimes I could, but other times I simply couldn’t see the solution. I was too close to see it to see it objectively.

Oh the time and energy I now save by getting a “thinking partner”!  Now I don’t hesitate to call  for help if I’m stuck. This  means a shout out to the Divine who is ALWAYS there for us, and also means I’ll call a good friend or coach. My whole world has benefitted from this powerful act. It’s Powerful to ask for help, not weak as I used to believe!

Plus it speeds things up, getting us out of our heads and back onto the playing field and getting results.  A coach and mentor of mine, the great  Steve Chandler, reminds us with two words. When in doubt “Only Connect” and the rest will follow.

How about you? Is there an area in your life that has you stuck in an “endless loop?” Who in your life can you confide in, and begin to lighten your load? Pick up the phone and call that person Right Now. Life is too precious to let a another day slide away. Life is Too Precious to Not Live the Life You Know You Can Live.

Said another way:  “Don’t Die With Your Music Still in You.”

Another great tact is to simply Get Into Action. Pick one thing that’s been weighing you down and take ONE step to change it, complete it, release it. Again, get help with this if you find you’re dragging your feet.

For instance: If you just CAN’T seem to de-clutter your office or home call in a friend or family member to help you put the ball in action. Offer to return the favor. Then make it FUN. Turn on the music. Make of gallon of lemon-strawberry smoothies  and GO FOR IT. Start in one room . Commit to and Focus On Just That One Room.

Ok full disclosure! I’m in the middle of this one right now. I intend to get Rid of Everything That Isn’t Serving Me or That I can’t use RIGHT NOW (5 cutting boards??)  or That I have no idea what it is or That is broken or That is a “chachki” or That I say “maybe I’ll use it later” (I won’t!) I’ll save SOME sentimental things of course, but ALL THE REST of the F’SCHNIZZLE GOES BYE BYE!  Hah! The man of the house is on board thankfully.)

So whether it’s clearing the house, losing weight,  getting healthy, getting out of an unhealthy relationship , starting a new career or getting our finances in order, it all starts with: Getting into Action, Getting Help if You Need It, and Making the DECISION to follow through. Clear up one area of your life COMPLETELY and the rest will follow.

What area of your life are you going to clear up? Do this: Drop me a line and let me know what it is and I’ll stand behind you 100%. 

*On this note, if you’ve been thinking this is a good time for a coaching session or an intuitive reading consider having your Personal Intuitive Blueprint where we laser focus and clarify any area of your concern. It’s been my honor to help many clients move gracefully through major relationship, job, financial and health changes recently. If you’re stuck or need clarity in any area, this is for you

“A Drive-By Girl’s Night Out” 

So I LOVE impromptu gatherings with friends and family, (no planning required!) and I especially love ”The Drive-By Girl’s Night Out”. Last Monday I hit the jack-pot and had two of these wildly fun and “beautifying” gatherings back to back.

My beautiful dear friend Margot texted me that she’d be in the city that day and would I like to meet? I knew without speaking  she meant would I like to do a ‘Drive By”? Meaning she’d drive to NYC, park on the street in front of my apartment, and I’d run down with a cup of tea, pop into her car (which happens to be a luxe, fully loaded Mercedes, F-U-N for this car-less city girl who walks, subways, cabs everywhere) and we’d catch up for an hour or two.

So that day that’s exactly what we did. And why is this so much fun and special for us?

Well for one there’s “no interference”. No kids, husbands, boyfriends, dogs or waiters needing our attention. We can meet in our sweat pants or pajamas if we choose. We’re in our own little bubble, intimate and close, which inspires us to “let it all hang out”.

We talk men, health and beauty, love, hair color and skin care (Esp with Margot who is a Make-up Wiz in the film biz- and me with my natural beauty practices and concoctions- hair, body and skin are Big on our agenda hah!) We might also talk acting, (my former career which I still re-visit time to time), share stories from the film and TV biz (the turf of many of my pals and clients) or speak of our families,our successes, our crushes, our split-ups, our gritty sticking points and missteps. Truly Anything Goes in the “Drive- By!”

Not that we couldn’t do this in our homes, on a joint vacation, in a restaurant or park (we meet at those fun places too). It’s just in our full lives, there’s just something so deliciously “no-brainer” about meeting in the car. We can do it spur of the moment, expense-free, without planning (ie figuring out who needs to eat what, what the weather is like, what to wear) All of that is simply not necessary. We can just get right down to brass tacks: connecting and enjoying each other’s company.

Perhaps also because it’s a throwback to our teenage years when the car was the ONLY place we can get some privacy to talk at length. Or the place where we can Sing to our favorite music at the Top of Our Lungs at our party on wheels. (Yes we STILL do that!)  Who knows?! Who cares?! It’s Just Fun!

Last time our friend Sharon joined Margot and I. Sharon is a gorgeous dynamo actress friend who I love dearly and who I hadn’t seen in years. Sharon popped into the car and the three of us huddled together. New York City whirled around us while we cozily caught up in-depth. It was so good to see Sharon before she prepared to board a plane and move to the west coast. I admired the beautiful robins-egg blue bracelet she was wearing. Sharon instantly took it off and put in on my wrist, for me to keep. Touched and moved, I realized these are my friends. Lovely, loving, funny, gifted, genuine, and deeply generous.

Hmmm. Perhaps it’s not about the car at all… Perhaps it about the friendship, the love , the real – or even virtual- time together, doing the thing that makes our human heart sing: Connecting with Each Other.

With Love, Joy, and Blessings to You All!


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