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Hello Good Nutrition!

I like to keep things really SIMPLE in the eating department, so no long speeches on your body/blood type, unwieldy recipes, lists of supplements, fanatical calorie counting. I give just plain simple common sense (and uncommonly GOOD TIPS) on how to choose the most VITAL and deliciousfood and nourishment for you.

Berrnadette’s Principles of Good Nutrition:

*Eat the Freshest food you can find

* Eat foods as close to their Natural State as possible (ie lose the processed foods and choose living foods)

* Eat Light and Eat Organic whenever possible

* Make fruits and vegetables the stars of your diet (even if you’re not a vegetarian)

* Have at least 1 *green smoothie, green juice, or raw soup a day (see recipes”)

* More whole foods, less supplements.

* Chew, chew, chew slowly and enjoy your meals.

* Cut way back on salt, sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol. 

* Buy local produce whenever possible

* Sneak leafy greens in everywhere!


*A note about Smoothies and Shakes:


There’s one thing we’ve always heard: to be healthier we must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables – and it’s true!

Vegetables and fruits give you the best “bang for buck” in terms of minerals, nutrients, hydration, and great fiber to aid digestion.

But in our busy, fast world it’s not always easy to get in the requisite amounts through chewing them. This is where smoothies come in. Blending the vegetables- especially leafy greens- releases more of the nutrition. You can “eat” an apple, berries, some celery sticks, and a big bunch of spinach ALL at once – by blending all into a large “smoothie.” Voila!  A simple, nutritious, delicious meal in a couple minutes!

Whenever possible use fresh, local, organic vegetables. Definitely choose organic, but if the organic selection is old or wilted, I would grab the freshest local produce over that. Whatever you do just get those fresh fruits and veggies in your body- it will thank you!

How to Make Smoothies:

When making smoothies, put juiciest fruits in first, add some water if necessary and blend. Chop larger and leafier veggies down and add in progressively . You’ll need a powerful blender for the leafy greens in these recipes. I prefer – and couldn’t live without  my “VitaMixer.” If you’d like to order one and get free shipping and handling as a Body By Penotti special, here’s the code: 06-003240 and click here. I love the “5200″ model.

Some like to call these powerhouse-on-the-go meals “Blended Salads” – that’s great too – whatever you call them just give ‘em a try and watch your health fly high!

As a starter, here are some Recipes to get you going! -click here!


 (((((Your “Whole Foods” List!))))


 Beneficial Food Combining and Food Prep/Diet Notes:

*If you choose to have animal animal protein (ie poultry, eggs, dairy, fish) best not to mix it with any starches such as baked potatoes, brown rice or other grains. This will help insure optimal digestion.

*Preferably eat a high percentage of foods fresh (raw), sprouted, steamed, or fermented. Exception is animal or fish proteins- do not eat these raw. Lightly cook, steam, or slow cook instead.

*Choose organic and locally-grown foods if possible.

*Remember to “Chew, Chew, Chew” your food very well absorb nutrients best and insure good digestion.

*If health is impaired, or cleansing desired, incorporate *green smoothies, freshly made vegetable juices and soups throughout your day. These will simultaneously hydrate, nourish and cleanse the body. Have at least one of these per day,  and more if health is challenged.

* Whether you choose to be a vegan, flexatarian, or omnivore is a very personal thing. I think it’s a great tact is to experiment with what foods align you with joy, heightened aliveness, and intuitive nourishment. If you need help figuring this out, connect with me and I’ll give you some guiding ideas to determine what food plan may work best for you.


Whole Foods:

Quinoa (Steamed or Sprouted)

Millet (Steamed or Sprouted)

Buckwheat (Steamed or Sprouted)

Amaranth (Steamed or Sprouted)

Quinoa pasta or other whole grain, gluten-free pastas

Legumes (lentils, beans, peas, etc.)


Brown rice

Brown rice products (pasta, rice cakes, etc.)

Non- GMO corn – ie fresh organic local corn


Cooked whole potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Yams, squashes, pumpkins

Egg yolks

Egg whites


Fish (preferably wild caught salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies)


Goat’s cheese (preferably raw)

Goat’s milk (preferably raw)

Goat’s sour cream (preferably raw)

Goat’s cottage cheese (preferably raw)

Steamed vegetables




Dried fruit




Flax crackers

Natural nut and seed oils

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Apple cider vinegar

Seaweeds and sea veggies


Fermented foods (preferably raw: sauerkraut, kim-chee, kefir, raw yogurt, etc)

Vegetables preserved in oil

Bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, etc.)

Dehydrated and Sun-Dried foods

Superfoods (goji berries, maca, acai, etc.)

Algaes (chlorella, spirulina, blue green,etc)

Raw cacao

Raw carob

Salt (e.g. sea salt, Himalayan salt)

Whole Spices and Herbs

Thanks to Matt Monarch! ( for  his ideas for this list , of which I have added to and updated with mine.

*Feel free to contact me to request my “Intro to Living Foods Handbook” for Green Juices, Smoothie and Meal ideas, as well as natural internal cleansing, sneaky fitness, and more!

2 Responses to Eat Well
  1. Geoffrey Hale
    February 28, 2012 | 1:48 pm

    Hi, Bernadette. This post is great! There’s too much noise in the world of diet and nutrition. Your principles are wonderful – fun, effective and easy to follow. I’d like to write an article about your principles and link to this page if you don’t mind. Your readers may also enjoy an article I wrote along the same lines. I think it’s a good compliment to your list. It briefly describes 10 easy steps to healthy eating. You and your readers can find it here: Thanks again!


  2. berrnadettep
    February 29, 2012 | 12:12 pm

    Hi Geoffrey! Thanks for your note and glad you enjoyed the post. I also enjoyed your article as well, robust and clear. Sure thing on using the principles here for your article and linking to this page. Power on and thanks for stopping by here!