“My Doozy Wake-Up Call” and “Are You Being Kept Up?”

  “Keep Up and You Will Be Kept Up”.     Hello Everybody and a Warm Welcome to All Our New Subscribers! How are you all Beauties and Handsome Hunks doing out there in the world? The above the photo depicts how I feel most mornings upon awakening. However this morning was quite a different story for [...]

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Walk Like No One is Watching

Hi Everyone! This is a  short article I wrote for Helen Kim’s wonderful new Ezine from “Helen K Presents”.  There are  many more wonderful writers and ideas to check out at her site here: http://www.helenkpresents.com Meantime HAPPY ENCHANTING HOLIDAYS and I LOVE YOU ALL! “Walk Like No One is Watching” by Berrnadette Penotti Last week [...]

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Simple “Nature Infused” Beauty and Health Tips!

Hi Everybody! Wow it’s been awhile since I wrote. I know that because it’s warm and chirping out today and last time I sat to write it was reeally cold here in NYC! Now Spring is finally HERE WHOO- HOO, and I don’t have to put leggings and coats on my Italian Greyhound pups every [...]

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