[Exquisite Self Care- Your Body] “10 Ways to Glow From Head to Toe”

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“Laughter is an Instant Vacation.”

Milton Berle

Hello Beautiful, Amazing Friends and a Warm Welcome to Our New Subscribers!

Whoo-ie it was a whirly-windy past week!  How about you, was it a bit of a high-intensity time  for you too?  Today we had a good laugh with great friends who were visiting from out of town. Aaaah Delight! (They also took this pic of us above).

I spent the week “holding up the fort” while the man of the house traveled to the west coast on business. That meant, among other things, extra dog-duty for me. Our dogs require 2 hours of walking a day, which we usually split between us. I actually ENJOYED the extra walk. I often listen to great work-related podcasts on our spins around the hood. So along with sunshine and fresh air, I get some fresh thinking.

It’s just I have to time it carefully. The walks happen in the the midst of a full day of client meetings and coaching, intuitive readings, food shopping, meal prep- and everything else we ((ALL)) partake of in a life bursting with-well- Life! This extra dog-duty thing has got me going though. Because in addition to the walks, our fat-free, short-haired Italian Greyhound breed require several layers of jumpsuits in the cold weather. Yes over-the-top but true! (Check them out in the photo above).

Which means besides the double walks, I have to chase them around the house, peel them out of their clever hiding places and wrangle them into their freeze-proof outfits each time. (No easy feat. Charlotte once managed to wedge and hide her little 12 lb self between the bed mattress and platform. It took me FOR-EVER to figure out where she was.). It also adds another 10-15 minutes to the whole walk shebang. Every day, twice a day- eets dee “doggie tango” ole’!  Looking forward to the warm, “no coats required” weather again. Yes I know you’re saying: “Berrnadette – time to hire a dogwalker!”. Yep. This over-protective Dog Mama might be finally giving into the idea…


(((NEW FOR YOU!)))

So today I’ve decided to-drumroll please - begin a New Series of Exquisite Self Care articles for you! (My first “ESC” series came out in Sept. 2009, and I’ve decided it’s time for an Update). Each week you’ll receive my perspective on a component of Exquisite Self Care such as: Your Body, Your Career, Your Money,  Your True Purpose, Your Relationships, Your Romance,  Your Business, Your Intuition, Your Infinite (Spiritual) Self , Your Home, Your Beauty and Radiance, Your Lifestyle, and much more. Exciting!!

Today we begin with YOUR BODY. (Makes sense to start here right?) Our bodies are the “Communication Station” for all we express here in this lifetime. To treat them with tender loving care and attention makes great sense.  A “Highly Vibrational Body”  is key for being our best in the world.

Enjoy this new series!  If you haven’t already, sign on above to receive your fresh, weekly update from me. (On this page top right.) As always, feel free to leave your thoughts, questions or comments below. I LOVE them, and plus, we all learn from each other!

 [Exquisite Self Care- Your Body] “10 Ways to Glow From Head to Toe”



Here’s what I do CURRENTLY for a Radiant Body and Complexion, and perhaps these  ideas will work for you. Remember each of us is unique , and we all need to experiment to find the foods/lifestyle that are right for YOU.  So enjoy the following as a guide, and feel free to “tweak it” to work for you.


1. Eat a Whole Foods and High Plant Diet, which consists of mostly fresh, local, juicy and organic produce. Lots of leafy greens and the rainbow-colored veggies.  I also love to use foods from the sea, like spirulina, chlorella and seaweed often. These super foods are loaded with important minerals, are great detoxifiers, and are great for our health and our complexion. The more “mineralized” we are the better we look and feel! In addition I enjoy eating high percentage of my meals uncooked or lightly heated. (Raw) This retains many of the nutrients, as well the hydrating, beautifying water content of the produce. As for drinking water I use Purified “reverse osmosis” water or Spring Water. If you’re lucky to have a natural spring close by go grab some for free!  Also, if  you are choosing to include animal protein be sure it’s free-range (“pastured”), humanely raised and chemical free. Getting that ”GLOW” is truly an “inside out” job.

*If anyone is wondering exactly what the gamut of “Whole Foods” are, you can see my Whole Foods List Here

2. I avoid gluten and dairy (except for occasional raw goat cheese) ,and forgo all processed foods and high-sugar foods. I enjoy fruits when I’d like something sweet. If I’d like a special treat I will enjoy a yummy raw dessert , fresh fruit, or a bit of organic, dark chocolate. Gluten gums up the system (“Glue” anyone?), also adds unnecessary sugar, and is highly inflammatory. Experiment for yourself by eliminating it 100% and see the happy results. Not only did my skin look better but almost everyone drops some pounds when they drop gluten. Same for dairy, processed foods, foods with chemical additives or pesticides. I actually don’t call these “food”. They’re substances which deplete the vitality of our body and our radiance.

3. Added into my diet cultured or fermented foods like raw sauerkraut, kim chee or coconut kefir. (All available in a good health food store or can even make for yourself easily. I will share easy recipes in an upcoming issue). All these have beneficial bacteria- “probiotics”- that restore the flora in the gut and help enormously with digestion. When digestion is good, the skin glows. You can also take probiotic capsules or powder if you prefer. (I always have some “Garden of Life”  or Health Force Nutrtionals brand probiotic powder on hand. I’ll take a bit with water if my tummy feels off, works well).  Also chew, chew, chew your food well for optimal digestion, which helps us to truly ABSORB the nutrition from our food, hence makes for radiant skin!

4. Get plenty of sleep every night to help detoxify the body and rejuvenate all the systems in the body. Consistent good sleep alone (meaning however much sleep allows to you feel totally rested) can bring the “peaches and cream” back to your beautiful face. I like to meditate or read spiritual scripture before bed to quiet my mind, connect to spirit, and set up peaceful sleep. Also have the last meal of the day at least 3-4 hours before bed. When the body doesn’t have to digest food during sleep it can get to work rejuvenating the body and skin! I also practice “intermittent fasting”. How this works is I eat my last meal at least 3 hrs before bed. Then I don’t eat another solid meal until approx 12- 14 hours later. I have liquids like herb or kombucha tea, or lemon water in first part of the day. Then I’ll have my first meal at approximately 12 noon and last meal approx 8pm. Try this simple practice, along with plenty of sleep, and watch your health and beauty glow, as well any stubborn pounds disappear!

5. Have a least one large green smoothie or green juice per day. The chlorophyll in the greens is an amazing detoxifier, and the minerals add great nourishment to the entire body which shows up in the complexion big time. Read more about these fab beauty boosters on my Blog here: “The Real Slurp on Juices and Smoothies!”

6. Balanced my hormones. Hormones out of wack are a huge culprit for acne and skin problems (not to mention other nagging ailments). I have my hormones tested regularly and balance them naturally through nutrition, herbs and super foods, as well as through holistic lifestyle and regular detoxing. It’s positively Dreamy what a couple small changes in diet and lifestyle can do if you’re going through any hormonal issues! (If anyone is interested in learning how to do this for themselves you can contact me through my website.)

7. Move my body vigorously everyday! Like dancing in the living room, walking vigorously, skipping anywhere, rebounding, yoga, jogging, Zumba or high-intensity free-weight circuit training, just make it FUN and just be doing it! Bumping the cells against each other through movement pumps up the Lymphatic system, which releases lymph fluid and causes detoxification in the entire body. It also cause endorphins to be released into our blood stream, always a great thing for us and our skin! Plus it gives a good workout to our lungs, the health of which are closely related to a glowing complexion. Shake it Baby!

8. Take Daily Sunshine Baths. Not only does it create essential Vitamin D in our body when we take sun in daily, but it brings minerals to the surface of our skin. Everyone feels and looks better with a touch of sun for this reason. Winter or summer,  we all could use at least 30 minutes of direct sunlight per day. (20 minutes if you’re extremely pale). If sunshine isn’t an option, do take a Vitamin D-3 supplement- along with Vitamin K-2- which helps D-3 absorption. If you are taking D-3 orally you will need to get tested regularly to monitor your levels. Also, I’m not big on sunscreens, but I do use a wide-brimmed hat to cover my face.

9. I stopped using anything Un-natural on my face or body and definitely saw a big difference from this!

My favorite complexion ritual is to cleanse my face with bit of coconut oil or olive oil, and follow with a toner. A simple natural toner I love: Take a small amount of raw cider vinegar (1/4 cup), mix with a cup of pure water, and 1/4 cup natural Aloe Vera Gel. Then add a couple drops of lavender oil or rose oil. Store in the refrigerator. So easy, soothing and beautifying- and inexpensive to boot!

10. I’ve mentioned this in other articles- but it’s my “Secret Weapon”- so think worth this repeating: I vigorously “dry-brush” my face and entire body daily! With a natural bristle brush from the health food store- separate brush for my face. This gives Awesome exfoliation and also stimulates the Lymph System. The face brushing takes about 30 seconds and about 2-3 minutes for the body. (Stroke upwards to the heart. Start from the soles of your feet as if you are removing “lint” from your entire body. Stroke twice over each area. Can use circular strokes on knees, behind knees, elbows, buttocks, belly, underarms.) This FEELS AMAZING, helps detoxify the skin and body, and leaves you soft and glowing head to toe!

See you again next week with more Exquisite Self Care Tips for YOUR SOUL-DRIVEN BUSINESS.

To Your Radiant Life and With Much Love!


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2 Responses to [Exquisite Self Care- Your Body] “10 Ways to Glow From Head to Toe”
  1. Jennifer Kennedy
    April 24, 2014 | 10:18 am

    Lovely post, Bernadette!! This week I’ve decided to get better at taking care of ME. And that started with a change in foods! I’ve started adding more veggies to my meals, drinking loads more water, and having a smoothie. (I’ll be honest and say it’s been tough to stay away from candy, but proud I have been!).

    And, I tell you, I’ve been feeling SO much better! I have more energy and feeling like I’m treating my body well!! Thanks for your tips! Very helpful!

  2. berrnadettep
    April 24, 2014 | 10:40 am

    Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your thoughts here and happy my tips helped. Awesome on feeling better, and having more energy yay! You’re on a GREAT TRACK with the steps you’re taking and keep going. Making Your Well-Being the #1 Priority, will serve you-and everyone around you- Spectacularly!