Summer ala’ New York City!

This is the back to school  ”what I did on my summer vacation” post!

We had wonderful summer here in the NYC area. The greatest thing this year was summer started early, with warm balmy temps kicking in mid-April (and still going strong as of Sept). A big gift for this Northeast locale and for me a true sun bunny! My main highlight included the freedom of  ”shorts and T-shirt” as the official uniform for almost 6 months -wow- we gave CA some serious comp!

We were sunbathing daily (got those vita-D levels back up again) basking in it on our Greenwich Village roof garden while we worked and on weekends..The roof newly and happily replete this summer with palm trees, hibiscus, poppies, pansies, mandevilla , gardenia and and all manner of edible herbs became my sanctuary in the city- oh I’m going to miss my toasty days up there! (I’d mentioned in mid April  I’d love a lush roof top to summer on. On May 1st  I returned from a work trip to discover my wish being granted grandly by the swell man of the house- a lucky lady I!)… Also summer brought impromptu weekend parties with our  lovely new neighbors- the warm weather bringing us  out of hiding and into the embrace of great new friends …

We also made several drives out to the Atlantic ocean to the beach community of the Montauk, NY  to visit family, had fun times, and our pups got their first taste of the beach which was a huge hit… Everywhere we went we reveled in abundant, fresh organic and local (yay!) produce, so I got to experiment and create a variety of new raw food treats and dishes (lemon coconut creme pie anyone?) which gave me great pleasure and will be added to my new book…

We also took  long walks through the city with the pups, acting like tourists, taking in great architecture, unique art galleries and diverse outdoor eateries (they had to be outdoors because our dogs go almost everywhere with us- a true pack of wolves we are!)…

One of my favorite things was rediscovering the magnificent park along the Hudson River here, where we enjoyed an exquisite bike ride, cycling through enchanting city and nature scenarios in one ride…I sound like I’m doing a travelogue- hah- so will end by saying I vote for the New York metropolitan area as one of the top diverse summer  getaways, and perhaps check it out one of these days if you’re not a native here!

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