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“Someone Saved My Life Today”

Last May I had crazy (“freak”) mishap. While hoisting a large pack of paper towels onto a high shelf in our bathroom I slipped and fell. Our NYC home is diminutive but has high ceilings. So it’s not uncommon for me to do a Spider Woman and climb up onto a (sensibly) sturdy window ledge [...]

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“Fresh Foods and Sneaky Fitness”- What a Winning Combo!

Hi Everyone! I had an awesome time presenting my workshop “Intro to Fresh (Rawesome) Foods and Sneaky Fitness” at ¬†ALL THAT MATTERS holistic health center in Wakefield, RI this past weekend. Wonderful participants, great weather, and delicious food for all. I look forward to going back and doing a more in-depth “how-to” on how to [...]

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