“Someone Saved My Life Today”

Last May I had crazy (“freak”) mishap. While hoisting a large pack of paper towels onto a high shelf in our bathroom I slipped and fell. Our NYC home is diminutive but has high ceilings. So it’s not uncommon for me to do a Spider Woman and climb up onto a (sensibly) sturdy window ledge or piece of furniture and make use of that vertical space. (A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep order in the house!)

That particular day in May I managed to hoist myself even higher up then usual. Happy to have found a home for my giant-sized Costco purchase I went to step back down. Only thing was my silk drawstring shorts suddenly became undone, sliding down my legs, entwining my feet and ankles. Mid-step with feet now bound, I lost my balance and suddenly pitched into a backward fall. Up over the room now and falling fast, I reached out to grab Anything to stop myself, only to find thin air. My life literally passed before my eyes as I sailed down past the mirrored cabinet, past the sink and past the tub before crashing into the tile floor.

Laying there my first thought was“did that really just happen or did I dream that?” quickly followed by excruciating pain in my mid and lower back, and the realization I wasn’t in a dream and may have broken my back.
In the same moment, I somehow KNEW it could’ve have been far, far worse. I KNEW somehow I’d just been spared. I KNEW something had just Cushioned My Fall..
Within moments my guy Scott was at my side. Heaped on the floor in a mix of searing pain and this strange sense of relief, Scott urged me not to move. I laid there for awhile. Then in spite of the pain and Scott’s wise urging, I just HAD to know if I could stand up. So I attempted to pull myself to my feet. (I know-crazy!) Lo and behold I succeeded.

However once standing it hurt to move, walk or sit. Even lying down was excruciatingly painful.

Still I was able to walk so I figured I’d just badly bruised my lower back. I told my family and friends I was fine and not to worry. But the pain was still strong a day later so off I went to the hospital for x-rays.

I hobbled into the examining room and in fairly short order the doctors told me I hadn’t damaged my spine (phew!), but had in fact broken my tailbone. I let out a loud “YIPPEEEE!”. Oh I knew full well a broken tailbone was no walk in the park. Still I felt I’d gotten off easy. It had become clear to me I could’ve cracked my head or entire back (landing milliliters from the tub) or done far worse.

Friends said I fared well because I was in overall good shape, making me more resilient to the impact. I agreed with this. Others joked my “bubble butt” (from genetics plus years of lunges and jumping squats) might have softened the blow. Perhaps!

Back at home I profusely thanked Spirit for protecting me. Then I went about creating a protocol to speed my healing. This included lots of anti-inflammatory foods like Leafy Greens, Vitamin C, Ginger, Turmeric, Seaweeds,  MSM and herbs like Horsetail and Nettles, which are great for healing bones fast.

I also slowed back down. Waaay down. No choice in the matter. Even though I’m very attentive to my self-care I could see I’d been overloading my plate. More in a psychic way then physical overload- just too many projects happening at once. I work MUCH better when I “compartmentalize” or laser-focus on one project completely then move to the next.

So I simplified it down to just these things: Working with my clients by phone exclusively, interacting on-line and by phone with my terrific new business coach and our coaching group, catching up on reading, playing with my dogs and testing new raw and whole food recipes. That’s it! I shuffled around the house with my “donut” shaped pillow (sprinkles and all, the must-have accessory for a distressed bottom), and began feeling like my peaceful self again.

A couple weeks later my friend Maria called excitedly and left a voicemail for me. She had a message from my Dad, (who is in Spirit) she said. Maria (not a psychic or medium) has an uncanny ability to hear my dad speaking to her. She’s unable to hear her own deceased dad, but for some reason my father rings in loud and clear! We arranged to speak the next day.

Then later that day I also received an email from my other dear friend – and deeply gifted intuitive and medium- Peggy Rometo. Peg was writing to catch up and see if I might help her give a fortunate name to a new project of hers.(Creating fortunate and supportive names for my clients’ websites, books, businesses and projects is an expertise I include in my intuitive coaching work). To my great delight Peg and I often “read” for each other, and I looked forward to speaking with her.

I continued to read her email. Peggy then said my father was there now talking to her. She said “Berrn he’s saying you need to slow down and be more careful, and that you nearly killed yourself a couple weeks ago”.
Peg then wrote “Oh no Berrn, what happened?! Are you okay – is this true?”

I wrote back and said Wow! Yes, I had a mishap, but I’m fine now and would tell her more when we spoke. A couple days later we spoke by phone. I began telling Peg about the incident when she said “Oh Berrn your father is here now! He said to tell you he’s so happy you didn’t break your back- but he’s saying you nearly broke HIS when he caught you!”

Hah! “My Father, My Cushion.” Amazing! (And amazing Peg!)

Later Maria and I spoke. More wondrous words from her about my father’s presence protecting me recently- my mishap unbeknownst to her until after we spoke- wowie!

(And this interesting sidenote:

Maria also went on to give me many more messages from my dad- even his preference for what my mom should wear to my brother’s upcoming wedding (“blush pink or coral- nothing dark”), which my mom and I laughed hysterically at. Maria had no way of knowing my father was Always beseeching my mom to wear vibrant colors when he was alive! Nor had she been aware there was an upcoming wedding- we hadn’t spoken in months.

Maria also asked my father why she could hear Him so well, yet hasn’t heard a peep from her own father who had passed years ago. Remarkably my father said to her “When your father was there with you- was he a man of many words?” Maria laughed and said “No, he almost never spoke!” “Well” my father replied, “he’s still a man of few words here! Though he wants you to know he’s always by your side even if you don’t hear him” (Wild, especially as my father never met or knew Maria’s father on the earth plane.)

Needless to say this gave Maria great peace of mind and comfort, and gave me more food for thought.  We also had a good laugh, that my father, always a humorous and enthusiastic communicator, hadn’t changed a bit!


Over the following days I pondered and marveled at all the above. Many things came to mind. Here are 5  that stood out for me:

*One: God -The Divine, Spirit, Our Loved Ones in Spirit- truly DO “Have Our Back!”.  So go ahead and Live Large and FULL OUT. Sieze the Moment and “Follow Your Bliss!” Someone’s got your back…only always!

*Two: How Blessed Am I to have friends who have a “Hotline to Heaven” ? I often hear my Dad myself, and have gotten many direct and fascinating  messages from him. However it’s SOOO reassuring to hear from him through my beloved girlfriends! Thank you Peg and M! (and of course thanks Dad!)

*Three: I truly believe now “The Other Side” is just another  state of mind away. It seems like we experience Birth and Death, but instead we all go on and Gloriously On! We’re all having a unique experience in a body, or without a body, and IT’S ALL GOOD.

*Four: Slowing Down sounds like a lovely thing, but REALLY DOING IT brings such gifts.
We get to hear more, see more, feel more, BE MORE.  Slowing down for me could mean turning off the phone, luxuriating on the roof deck in the sun with my pups and guy, reading a good book, or just scheduling less that day. It could also mean Simply Being. Present. In. Each. Moment. Voila!

Five: Our bodies are our vehicles of communication and expression. The more vibrant they are the smoother the ride here, and the more ((VIBRANT)) our expression in the world will be.
For this reason I see “Exquisite  Self Care”as a top priority but I’m thinkin’ you could tell that with my “Vibrant Body By Penotti” nomiker!

*Speaking of Smooth Rides:
My tailbone healed completely in a record four weeks- though the docs said it would take 6 months at the least! I attribute this to consistent “Exquisite Self-Care” over the years. I will continue to lovingly share all the details of my program as we go along here!

Here’s Me “Watching Your Back” and with Much Love,


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