Simple “Nature Infused” Beauty and Health Tips!

"Lush Green Spring is Back!"

Hi Everybody!

Wow it’s been awhile since I wrote. I know that because it’s warm and chirping out today and last time I sat to write it was reeally cold here in NYC! Now Spring is finally HERE WHOO- HOO, and I don’t have to put leggings and coats on my Italian Greyhound pups every time I walk them yippee!

So often I am asked what my personal health and beauty regime is. If you know anything about me it’s that I like things really simple and natural, and that goes for what I put in and on my body.

Health and Beauty go together, so how we are taking care of ourselves in terms of nutrition,deep sleep and rest, harmonious relationships, moving our bodies (2o minutes a day of vigorous movement will do it!) getting enough fresh air, sunlight, and “unplugged” from electronics- all of these play into feeling and looking good.

Also taking a “lighter” approach to life, seeing everyone and everything in our world as here to help us grow and expand, is a great tact.

Every little loving thing we do for ourselves “accumulates” health and well-being.

An easy way to do this is when do the “little things” we do everyday- ie bathe, wash our face, brush our teeth, eat breakfast- is to make all of these delicious and health-enhancing moments. We’re going to do them anyway- why not make them stellar acts of love each time?

So here are some of my favorite “Simple and Natural Health and Beauty Tips” or “Little Acts of Love”  for your personal toiletry. I will add more in my future posts- enjoy!

1- Bathing in chlorine-free water by installing a shower filter if needed. This will make your hair and skin super soft.

2- Brushing my teeth and gums correctly: With a soft brush, brush gently down/up from the gums… Floss with unwaxed natural floss several times a day… Use natural aluminum free baking soda and finely ground sea salt as the base to my *toothpaste…and add in some drops of clove and/or peppermint essential oil to make a supremely effective, natural and inexpensive tooth cleanser.

*You can make this toothpaste ahead of time and store in a glass jar. Use approx 3/4 cup of finely ground Sea Salt, 1/4 cup of Baking Soda, and 7 drops each of organic, food grade Clove Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil~ voila!~ super clean and happy mouth! Just remember to sprinkle the amount of paste you want into the palm of your hand, rather than dip toothbrush in, to keep from contaminating the paste.

3- Using only all natural cleansers and treatments on my body and face. I use a drop or two of natural castile soap (Dr Bronner’s Lavender has been my fave for years) on my underarms and lower body in the shower, and use a couple drops even to wash my hair…. I condition the ends of my hair with a tiny bit of Olive Oil and Honey, and periodically rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar to impart great shine… I moisturize my body with Organic Coconut Butter, and might add a drop or two of Lavender essential oil to make it fragrant… I follow up with a toner of Apple Cider Vinegar and pure water on my face… or a bit of Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Gel mixed with pure water~ so easy and refreshing, and keeps my skin clean clear and soft!

So there you go, some SIMPLE, NATURAL, INEXPENSIVE and LOVELY HEALTH AND BEAUTY IDEAS for keeping your body temple healthy and beautiful ~ Enjoy!

Happy May!


Ps- Feel free to post any of your own great natural beauty and health tips~ I love new ideas and welcome your feedback! xo

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