Green Smoothies and Shakes- Your PowerHouse Drink!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to my new Blog!

As per the video I have here on my site- I HIGHLY recommend Green Smoothies and Shakes to pack a Big Punch into your day- and they’re so easy and fast to make- and delicious too! I’ve been making these for many years during my very busy health coaching and acting career. I also love all Victoria Boutenko’s books on the subject.

For making green smoothies I use the Leaves and the Stems for most nutrition. However for someone new to these you might just use the leaves at first  as they are softer and less fiberous and may taste better at first. Then you can experiment with adding in the stems too.

Here are the ones I most enjoy and recommend (And remember to rotate your greens to get the most out of them):





LETTUCE:  all kinds- romaine, red, boston






Blend a big handful of greens with water and fruit. Any blender will do but I happen to love my VITAMIX blender- it’s indestructible! To get your very own VITAMIX with free shipping and handling  Click here .

Thank You VitaMix!

Here’s the fruit to try:


BERRIES: All kinds~ try: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries (these last 2 are super anti-oxidants!)  raspberries, boysenberries, loganberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, mulberries etc

STONE FRUIT: Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Apricots

BANANAS: Ripe fresh are best, or frozen to make delicious raw ice cream!

MELONS: Honeydew, Watermelon, Cantelope, Casaba, Crenshaw






DURIAN (Can find these in Asian markets- a must try!)

PEARS: bosc, anjou, barlette, asian, red

CITRUS: orange, grapefruit, limes, lemons (oh how i LOVE my lemons! just make sure to brush your teeth after eating citrus!)

CHERRIES: I use frozen pitted when fresh are not available- either way these love them!


The less water you add, the thicker your “smoothies” become.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations- be adventurous!


I happen to love 2 ripe pears, a small nub of fresh ginger, a small lemon (rind and pits removed) and a small head of spinach- yes a whole head!  (All organic when possible). Add a little filtered or spring water and enjoy this lemony, gingery treat! Serves 2.

Next time I will give you ideas for some quick yummy raw soups.

And please Feel Free to COMMENT and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE HERE or learn about here related to diet, fitness, weight-loss, anti-aging… I’m here for YOU! ;)

Here’s to your health!


2 Responses to Green Smoothies and Shakes- Your PowerHouse Drink!
  1. judy ventrella
    May 11, 2010 | 11:33 am

    Dear Bernadette:
    Your dad sent me your blog info.I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO IMPROVE YOUR FELLOW HUMANS LIVES> I did take your recommendation and contacted DR. RIta Marie’s Web site. THANks for a very valuable resource. I have been on a raw, vegetable and fruit diet for the past several months. I think you’d be proud of me. I lost 20 lbs. and my energy level is really improving. Can’t wait to get your book and learn so much more about eating for health.

    Lots of love and I pray for your continued health and and success in helping others with your knowledge of balanced and healthful living.

  2. berrnadettep
    May 12, 2010 | 10:41 am

    Hi Judy!

    Thank you so much for your great note, and YES! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU turning your health and energy around with the raw foods and all you are doing!

    Bravo Judy, happy to help in any way I can, and lots of love, hugs and vibrant health-filled days to you!
    ps- You may like to look at my most recent blog for a great interview on healing. Actually here’s the link to make it easy!