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“Fresh Foods and Sneaky Fitness”- What a Winning Combo!

Hi Everyone! I had an awesome time presenting my workshop “Intro to Fresh (Rawesome) Foods and Sneaky Fitness” at  ALL THAT MATTERS holistic health center in Wakefield, RI this past weekend. Wonderful participants, great weather, and delicious food for all. I look forward to going back and doing a more in-depth “how-to” on how to [...]

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Test to Get the Vita “D” out of Doubt! (I’m Sure Glad I Did!)

Sometimes you can be doing everything right-ie eating well, exercising and getting fresh air and sunlight, getting enough rest, living/working in an pleasing, uncluttered space, enjoying happy relationships, purposeful work etc- and yet you still are lacking energy or feeling blah or “off”. What does this mean? Well it could mean lots of things- but a great place [...]

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