Here’s to the “HEEE!” in HEALTH!!

What  ”Heee” in health you say?

Well poetic license let me add the extra “E’s” :) but what I’m referring to is to the laughs you have on a daily basis…and the “I laughed so hard I almost cried” moments that are such delirious fun- and  natural immune boosters. Maybe you heard how Dr Norman Cousins laughed his way back to health watching a funny movie every evening til  the cancer turned around and left the building…Or maybe you remember how you were having a headache or feeling low or crummy and then your child cracked you up with a hilarious comment and suddenly you felt much better.

I remember being at a funeral for a family friend, when a little neighborhood girl -about 4 or 5 years of age looked up at my dad very endearingly and said “Hey Bob (my dad’s nickname) you look good ,but your teeth are very wavy!”  We all laughed so hard at her reference to my dads’ fairly crooked teeth- and her colorful candor – and it added great levity to a somber day.

Finding something to laugh about everyday- and passing it forward -is a fantastic way to bump up your health meter. I love when my boyfriend shares funny video’s from YOUTUBE with me, or we take five minutes to watch a clip from  - a tongue-in cheek “newspaper” that takes funny and often hilarious pokes at current news. We could be deep into a busy day of emails, phone calls, contract signing’s- but taking 5 to laugh is like a mini vacation- so we do it often.

Other times I have dressed up one of our pups in some outrageous outfit (One time I told my boyfriend that a young woman was hear to interview for an assistant position with him. I sent our little greyhound Charlotte into my boyfriends’ home office wearing one of my fancy brassieres and some headphones and a pencil behind her ear- we cracked up-it was too  fuuunny!) Or my boyfriend will knock on my office door with a request- in the form of a great comic impression someone we know- my boyfriend is an amazing mimic!- and it will send me to the floor  howling with laughter .

What this does is what I call “Undress the Stress”, make the day go smoother and make everyone and especially you feel good. And it’s not hard to find humor around you everywhere – look and see!

Lately I’ve been accumulating jokes, funny stories and puns and will share the best of them with you soon!.I love telling really GREAT jokes that are short and clever. And if anyone has a good one feel free to send it on and we’ll be happy to post it here.

Meantime here’s to your hee- hee’s! , your hahaha’s! and your HAPPY HEALTHY DAYS!

;D With Joy and Hugs,


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