Cleansing and Detoxing Au Naturel!

Hello there everyone and Happy October Festivities!

This past week and weekend were fun as I met with different groups of lovely people wanting to “tune up” their energy, health, beauty quotient and overall well-being through a simple “Green Smoothie Detox” cleanse I teach.

Here in NYC we had a great group at my pal Stephanie Goren’s ” Inside-Out Make-Over” event at her awesome salon “Plush”. Then it was up to RI to the fabulous ALL THAT MATTERS Holistic Health and Yoga Center to meet with a great group there on Detoxing the smoothie and fresh raw foods way- great fun!

By simply eliminating the “funky foods” and upping the fresh wholesome leafy greens and fruit and veggies consumed in their raw state ,we create a phenomenal cleanse. We avoid the “5 whites” (white flour, white sugar, white salt, white rice, white potatoes- all of these best left out of our diet permanently) and put the brakes for a week or longer on dairy, wheat, gluten (highly inflammative to most people, even those without “gluten intolerance”- and it coats the stomach- keeping nutrients from being absorbed properly), alcohol, meat, peanuts (most have  mold on them), and of course processed foods and foods with chemicals …

We stock our kitchens with fresh fruit and veggies galore , and slurp fresh luscious green smoothies, delicious raw soups and savory salads – and at the end of this fun adventure we feel like a sparkly new person! We add in some other soothing and “detoxifying” practices throughout the week and find our own home has become our favorite new spa. It’s very simple, and doesn’t require special powders and potions, and anyone can do this in the course of their regular week. I provide  a shopping list, easy recipes and a simple system to follow and off you go to an uplifted, “tuned- up” and vibrant version of yourself!

Soon I will be doing this cleanse in an “on-line” version. If this sounds good to you be sure to connect with me on Facebook or on my newsletter here at and you’ll be the first to hear. Meantime I”ll be keeping you posted with more tips on how to stay outrageously healthy and radiant in this modern world of ours- through decidedly all-natural means!

Warmly and to Your Health and Bliss!


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