The Surprising Health and Wellness Benefits of Being a Make-Shift Hospital Nurse

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In this issue of “Vibrant Body By Penotti” I share my “Surprising Health and Wellness Benefits of Being a Makeshift Hospital Nurse for the Past 5 Weeks”, and how to bring these ideas back into our daily lives.
I’ll also give you another Simple Idea for Nature Inspired Health and Beauty”- specifically another of my favorite Beautifying and Luscious Thirst-Quenching Drinks! 
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“Surfing Out of My Comfort Zone and Into Hospital-Land…
and the Surprising Health Benefits to Being a MakeShift Nurse for My “Daddy-O’!”
When my beloved Dad entered the hospital on Tuesday, May 31st - for what turned out to be not one but two critical and complicated surgeries-  I knew I had to get past my massive aversion to hospitals pronto.  My mom, brothers and I quickly realized Dad needed 24/7 high-level care and set out on a mission to leave no stone uncovered for his recovery process. That meant us being there in-person to administer aid- physical, emotional and psychological support. 
When I first laid eyes on him after his initial surgery it was hard not to cry
He was in Intensive Care with tubes coming into every area of his body, and his hands restrained so he couldn’t inadvertenly pull any tubes out- it was a heart wrenching moment. His breathing was deeply labored, he was in massive pain and his eyes panicked. I choked back tears and stroked his forehead.
I knew it was going to take a village to restore him to health. Thankfully our close knit family, combined with the awesome nurses and doctors there, comprised a strong “village”. Also friends’ of mine and of my parents offered to help wherever they could- just knowing they were there (and still are) standing by- has been a fantastic gift. 
My family, the nurses and doctors have rallied around him 24/7 for the last 5 plus weeks.
I have become an ace at foot and back massages so Dad requests them often, and have been playing nature sounds like chirping birds, the ocean and waterfalls to ease the ambience in the room- every little bit helps… We’ve all been rolling, readjusting and turning him in his bed constantly to help his aching bed worn back, holding his hand and stroking his forehead, feeding him lemon-ice chips or bits of the liquid diet he is allowed. We like to say we’re giving him “the royal treatment, because “It’s good to be the King!” ( a line from a favorite comedy movie of his “The Producers”).
The other day I took a video tour of his beloved garden, neighborhood and pool and showed it to him on my computer to lift his spirits- thanks technology!  My 3 year old nephew sent endearing drawings, photos and phone messages, and many friends sent cheering cards and plants.When he was able to have more than just clear liquid we gave him green smoothies and fresh organic chicken soup which he enjoyed.
I joke I am a “Hovercraft” as my Dad has been in need of non-stop care, and as I never sit during the long hours in the room with him- he needs constant help in every big and small way.
We’ve had some other laughs through all this- like my dad jokingly saying “finally all these kids have paid off!”- hee! Four of my five brothers and myself – his only and “favorite daughter” as he calls me- have surrounded him and cared for him night and day. We also joked he didn’t have any organs left to tune-up- they’ve all been “renovated”- as per his penchant for all things neat, clean and shiny!
Throughout all I felt closer and more connected to my father than ever before. We’ve talked like we never have before. In the past Dad has always been warm towards us, but not super affectionate. In the hospital this experience has been very heart opening for him and all of us.He often grabs my arm and looks into my face, tears in his eyes, saying  ”Berrn- I love you so much” or “Berrn- I’m so lucky to have all of you around me!” It’s been a poignant time. (And ps right back at you Dad!)
Love truly is the Balm, and after all is said and done, Love is All There Is… 
There were more gifts that came from this challenging time. 
Heart-felt and even Health-full- gifts- well I’ll be darned y’all! 
I will explain:
1- Inspiration is all around us. 
I was deeply endeared and inspired by the doctors and nurses dedication to my dad’s well -being. It was also inspiring to experience my brothers and family showing up so fully.
They’re all very busy guys and people, have full lives, but they made great space in their lives to help out:
My brother John expertly interfacing with the myriad of doctors- about 15 of them. As a film producer he took over those reigns with clarity and focus, and served as our spokesperson.
My youngest brother David flew in from across the country to spend quality time, day and night reassuring and helping my dad in the weeks leading up to the surgery, and spent 24/7 with him for the first very difficult week after.
My brother Rob, an athlete, trapeze artist and hands-on guy, helped my dad with massages and movement care, and also took on many wee- hour shifts which were the most difficult.
My brother Frank, who couldn’t do long shifts, still came and sat with my Dad periodically- keeping him company in between shifts.
In addition, my sweet cousin Kathryn drove me to and from the hospital, and pitched in with shifts and foot massages, and my 90 year young Aunt Angie has been on chicken soup duty for all, and keeping my mom buoyant.
Of course there’s my AMAZING blessed Mom, who barely left the hospital for 38 days to date, supervising all for my Dad, making sure all the “kids” were not over-extended even when she herself was, and making sure they had enough to eat- hah!
Wow what a Village!
2- Be a “Hovercraft”! (I’ve barely sat down for the past 5 weeks.) 
This is an excellent exercise I realize.  I noticed my body has kept its tone even without my regular exercise sessions. (Though even in the hospital I got some “Sneaky Fitness” in- squeezing in jumping lunges while my dad dozed, or pushups and tricep dips off the windowsill)
So get up off that chair sweetheart! Stand and move around often- even put your computer, phone, desk work up on a counter if possible, and whittle those gams and glutes while you work!
This is very good for the health of your entire body as well.
3- Get “Unplugged!”
Speaking of computers there was no time for computer work, surfing the net, cell phones, Facebook, TV or the like while in the hospital. Contrary to feeling like I was falling behind in my work, or on another planet, I enjoyed the old fashion human to human contact and time I had with my family, the nurses and doctors, while I was in the hospital. It was surprisingly refreshing to be “off-line”.
So I HIGHLY recommend taking an internet and phone hiatus for 3-4 days or more if you can. If you can be in nature during that time even better- you will most likely find you don’t miss a thing, feel recharged, and may even gain some new insights and clarity into an issue in your life…
4- Put Your Feet Up- WAY Up!
When I needed to recharge quickly for a couple moments I discovered this nifty albeit odd- looking trick!
I would lay backwards on the reclining chair in the room. By putting my feet up over the back of the recliner and my head down at the foot rest, (I put a firm pillow between the seat and footrest to make it more comfortable) it reversed gravity and gave me an almost instant recharge.  Probably it’s why people love slant boards so much.
You can do this without a recliner too. Just lay on the floor on your back, put your legs and thighs up on a chair, bench or couch and close your eyes- instant siesta!
5- Surfing Out of My Comfort Zone and Routine…
I love my daily routine when at home. Up and out into the sunshine for a brisk walk with pups, dry-brushing my entire body and a green smoothie upon return, and then submerge into a day of various activities- meeting with clients, emails, preparing classes, phone calls, taking classes, writing, feeding the dogs, shopping for groceries, exercise sessions etc…
Busy and full days just like most of us. Add to that I live in the bustle of a big city and all that comes with that.
But over the past 5 weeks while in the hospital I was mainly doing just one thing: caring for my Dad. 
I found I liked the simplicity of doing just ONE thing at a time, and doing it well. It felt gratifying to be able to focus and not try to wear fifty hats at one time. I’m good at wearing all those 50 hats, but this was a refreshing change.
What activities can you put on hold, or even scratch off your list permanently today? 
I am extremely grateful to have the lifestyle that allowed me to be there for my dad and family, as well I got to face and conquer a life-long fear of being in a hospital- yippee- not that I ever want to go back!
It’s been an interesting journey, and I’m anticipating my dad’s full recovery and homecoming.
Good things come in strange packages sometimes….
(((Healing and Beautifying “Dandy- Fruity Tonic!”)))
1 Bunch of Wild Dandelion Greens (One of The BEST Liver Cleansing Foods)
1 Cup Fresh Strawberries and/or Blueberries
1/2 Cup Pineapple
1 small Lemon or Lime.. peeled and leave white pith on
1/2 cup pure Water (or more if you like it thinner)
Blend all, Sip and Sparkle with Joy!
With Love and Thoughts of Bliss for You,
Ps- Love to hear from any of you about your experiences with your own healing and recovery, or that of a family member. 
Also love to connect with you on Facebook where I share lots of tips and insights for Nature Inspired Health and Beauty. 

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