Spring is (Almost) in the Air!

Hello Everybody!

A quick note to say hi and fill you in on some exciting happenings around here:

First- YES! We had a whiff of spring today, weather in the 40′s and leaning into the 50′s whoo- hoo! My pups still had to wear their little warm jumpsuits. (if you join me on Facebook you will see they are the best dressed members of this family – so much so the NY TIMES put them in their ” Style” section last week- go Poozie and Charlatte!) We were able to stay out much longer than usual- and even take two walks. This after several months of very cold weather, tons of snow and MAJOR cabin fever was a real treat ”round these parts!

Meantime I just returned from teaching again at the wonderful ALL THAT MATTERS Health and Yoga Institute in RI . It was a joy to meet some fabulous new friends at my “Simple 7 Day Smoothie Detox Event “and “Radiant Agelessness” workshops.

I love teaching and giving all the tools to get (and stay) outrageously healthy and radiant- no matter what your age. It’s really rather simple once you have the essential practices in your pocket- ie enjoying the most delicious and life-enhancing whole foods, time efficient “sneaky fitness” and exercise, easy detoxifying methods (necessary in today’s modern world) , harmonious relationships and living your calling.

In March I will be offering a FREE teleclass detailing all the above, on March 7th at 6pm. Details here: http://www.rawsomeyou.com/reboot/ and would love you to join! Come get some cutting edge info on how to REBOOT for Spring, Simple Smoothie and Diet Secrets, and How to DROP THOSE EXTRA POUNDS through dropping some common and overlooked “weight- holders”.

Stay tuned for more details and for our “Rawsome Simple Smoothie Detox Teleseries” coming up in March too- I look forward to seeing you there!

To Your Sparking and Vivacious Health and Beauty,


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