My “Don’t Leave Home Without It” Strategy for the Holidays

Well it’s officially here for us- the cookie, candy, cocktails, sweets and treats galore party season is upon us~ yep it’s THE HOLIDAYS!

I love this time of year. New York City where I live becomes an enchanting jewel box, glittering multi-colored lights and frosty cheerful windows on every corner, christmas trees and wreaths of every imaginable kind decorating stoops and shops, and any soot or city debis seemingly replaced or disquised by tinsel and holiday glow. As New York is a walking city (the main part of Manhattan is only 2 miles wide by 9 miles long) it’s a wonderful feast for the eyes and senses whenever you walk out the door.

It’s also a wonderful feast for the palette, and I’ve discovered a way to enjoy the season’s treats without trading in my health and here’s how I do it:

First minutes of the day after a deep sleep is some bouncing. (what you’re not getting deep sleep every night? check out my next blog on this most essential life cushion). Either I bounce on a rebounder, or I pop into a round of  jumping jacks. skipping, irish jigging, twisting and galloping in place- you get the picture- I’m dancing it out in my living room! Usually I put some great tunes on (love those old 80′s songs from Bowie, Joan Jett you name it) and bust a move. The morning is a great time to bounce around because sleep is a great detoxifier and a session of exercise  in the morning,where you get your cheeks pink adds to the effect. Breaking a sweat further detoxifies the body, gets the lymph moving, which cleanses our systems and boosts immunity. It also helps set your body rythym, especially if you can do so in the daylight and fresh first thing in the morning. 15-30 minutes is all you need, and va-voom you’re off to a great glowy start of the day.

When you start like this you will be less tempted to indulge junk foods and non-foods as the day goes on. Doubly great is to have a “green smoothie” after your “bounce” to hydrate and mineralize your body and keep tendencies to eat cookies,candy and junky food  at bay. A higly mineralized body has less cravings and looks alot more radiant to boot! (Check out my blog or Eat Well for recipes for delicious Green Smoothies!)

These two simple tacs help me stay on track during the holiday season and they’re worth a try for you too. Get your body oxygenated and hydrated in the AM and you’ll make better choices for the rest of your day.

Happy Wondrous Holidays to all and be back soon on the How’s to getting your best night sleep ever- every night!

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