Get on the “Concord” With Me! The “Concord Grape” Jet that is- and Here’s Why!

GRAPES are an AMAZING ANTIOXIDANT and Superfood! Did you know Grape skins have such high mineral content if you put them in a microwave they could start a fire?! (I hope you can’t try this as a microwave doesn’t belong in your kitchen- wink wink!)

Also you may have heard of “The Grape Cure”-people healing themselves of debilitating ailments through a diet high in grapes- well this is why.


To slow down the fruit sugar into the bloodstream I like to eat my grapes with some leafy greens. Baby romaine lettuce or spinach work well.  Same goes for any fruit I consume. I also like to add a sprinkle of cinnamon to further regulate insulin, or take a cinnamon capsule. Also be sure to get them organic, as grapes are a highly sprayed crop.

I’m lusting after deep blue Concord Grapes at the moment. ┬áMy grandfather used to have an arbor of them from which he made wine and we uses to love to pick them as kids. Not only are they mind-blowingly delicious- but they are portable, kids and adults alike get a kick out of them, and they are easy to find. (Of course the kudos goes for all grapes, especially the dark red and dark blue version, which pack a wallop of the anti-oxidant resevertrol and other nutrients).

A great way to enjoy your grapes: Pop them in the blender with some dark leafy greens and lemon juice for an amazing tonic- delish!! :D

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