“5 Things I Learned This Week!”


1- No One Really Knows EXACTLY what they’re doing- so stop wondering if you’re doing it right and just do it. (Thanks Nike!) It’s all an experiment here, if one thing doesn’t work then try another!

2- Changing the Position of Even One Piece of Furniture in my home/office gives me a lovely fresh perspective.

3 – Blending Fresh Oranges, Bananas, Chia or Hemp Seeds with a Handful of Leafy Greens (ie parsley, spinach, kale) in my beloved Vitamix, is Still My FAVORITE QUICKIE BREAKFAST!

4- Having 2 RR’s in My Name makes people crack funny jokes upon seeing it and I’m down with that ;)

5- After Years of Being an Intuitive Life Strategist/Health and Fitness Mentor, I Still Get a MAJOR KICK of Helping People to “Know Thyself” and Their Unique Calling Here, as well as Guiding Them ((How To Feel Really Good!)) in their Bodies and World! ;D

"Here's Lookin at YOU Beauty!!! "

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  1. berrnadettep
    May 19, 2011 | 9:54 am

    Hi there! Thanks for your note here Peter and happy to help! Feel free to drop by again as I update regularly, and have a beautiful day!

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