Berrnadette Penotti is available for individual and group coaching, as well as for speaking engagements.

Clients seek her expertise to create new and powerful results in their lives, their health, and their body. Berrnadette is also sought after for her laser intuitive abilities and lucid practical wisdom. Her transformative training and coaching programs are in demand and are custom designed for each participant or group. 

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Berrnadette is currently speaking on the topic of “ABUNDANCE THROUGH EXQUISITE SELF CARE”.

Creating Abundance Through Exquisite Self-Care means to create a highly vibrational person in you, someone who is glowing with health and magnetism, fully alive and “firing on all pistons”. They have embraced and embodied their unique gifts and are fully expressing them in the world, enjoying wealth in all areas of life as a result. Berrnadette often says “When we embrace Exquisite Self-Care our cup is consistently full, hence we can serve others gracefully from our saucer.”

Berrnadette Penotti gives you the “Seven Pillars” of exquisite self-care. She will show how your net worth reflects your inner worthiness. She guides her clients and students to get deeply in touch with that which makes them happy. Once their “happy- makers” are identified, Berrnadette helps them see which also bring value to others, and hence profit to themselves. Berrnadette will often start with an intuitive strategy session to help you know your greatest strengths and gifts. She will also look into the “vibrance” of your body and life. Berrnadette calls the body the “communication station”, and when it’s exquisitely cared for, she believes your unique message can be expressed with ease. At her workshops and through her speaking engagements, she gives specific and immediately useful self-care strategies to incorporate into your life right now.



Message from Berrnadette:

“It’s my passion and joy to help you live a wonderful and vibrantly happy  life.

I invite you to have a conversation with me. We’ll  get to know each other. We can also see which of my programs

or  speaking topics would benefit you most. Kindly contact me through clicking on the link below

and I look forward to speaking with you!

With Vibrant Warmth,



Programs and Classes:

(Programs are Available for Individuals as well as Groups)


This is one of  Berrnadette’s signature programs and her current offering.

Rejuvenate your Body, Beauty and Health in 7 Simple Steps. Berrnadette’s system offers elegant simplicity for Radiant Health and Beauty that actually WORKS- through the ESSENTIALS. The Essentials are Awesome and Sexy because they give you what you DESIRE! Instead of buying another diet book, supplement or piece of exercise equipment to get the health and body you want, you’ll learn a SIMPLE and TRUSTED SYSTEM to create the health and body of your dreams. You’ll be thrilled as your body COMPLETELY REJUVENATES and your appearance TRANSFORMS.

This program includes lectures, guidance through natural and time-honored  *healing protocols,  ”Sneaky Fitness”, food preparation and demonstration, food sampling,  recipes, shopping and “stocking your pantry” lists, visits to the health food store with Berrnadette, one-on-one phone and email support (for individual and small groups), Berrnadette’s E-book “Vibrant Body by Penotti”, and many other excellent resources.

Berrnadette can also customize this program for your particular needs and concerns. Most health concerns,diseases, conditions and ailments are greatly benefitted and often permanently resolved through proper inner cleansing, detoxing, excellent nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Vibrant Health and Beauty is truly an “inside job” Berrnadette believes.

Additionally Berrnadette shares her expertise in Intuitive Whole-Life Coaching to further guide and support you.

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Berrnadette speaks and teaches on the following topics:

* “An Introduction to the Whole and Living Foods”

* “Exquisite Self-Care for a Modern World”

* “Radiant Health, Beauty and Ageless-ness through Nature-Inspired Living”

* “How to Safely Detox and Cleanse for Radiant Health”

* “The Simple 7 Day Green-Smoothie Detox”

* ” Vibrantly Healthy in the Big City”

* “Easy and Fun Transition to a Whole Foods Diet”

*”Intuitive Living and Intuitive YOU”

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“Berrnadette gives the term “Self Care” a completely new meaning for me. I love her unique approach where she combines a deep knowledge of nutrition, practical fitness, mind/body practices, science and her spot-on intuitive abilities to get an accurate idea of what would best serve me. In one month I’ve already seen a big difference in the quality and amount of energy I have and a definite shift in the way my body looks. I can also say I’m living my life more vividly now,as Berrnadette has expertly- and joyfully- guided me to my  true calling. Berrnadette has an uncanny ability and innate wisdom to help bring all the pieces of your life together so you understand yourself and your circumstances with  deep and empowering clarity.” Helen Kim, Conscious Wealth,  Hay House Radio host, Founder of

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