About Berrnadette


EPSON MFP image“Berrnadette Penotti has been a celebrity personal trainer, fitness and nutrition expert, and glamorous actor for many years, treasured by her clients and associates for her dynamic workout, warmth, spirituality and ebullient personality. She is also a sought~after intuitive counselor and coach.

She has trained and counseled Hollywood stars such as Kate Beckinsale, Melanie Griffith, Jake Weber, Jamie-Lynn Siglar and many other notables (including Dr. Stuart Fischer) while performing in The Wrestler, The Sopranos, Law and Order, Pinero, Kiss of Death,  Die Hard With a Vengeance, Regarding Henry and No Way Home. She also debuted in her own radio interview show, co-starring the distinguished actor/producer Fisher Stevens, with guest stars from the A-list of the entertainment world. When your business associates and colleagues include Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Sean Connery, Tim Roth, Harrison Ford and James Gandolfini, only the most spectacular know-how will do!

Ms. Penotti’s comprehensive approach to fitness and her devotion to the health and happiness of her clients make her the ideal choice as the exercise expert for The Park Avenue Diet. Her upcoming course book and video program about simple yet powerful ways to radiant health ~ Vibrant Body By Penotti~An Elegantly Simple Path to Health and Beauty ~ will debut shortly. Ms. Penotti resides in New York City.”

More About Berrnadette

Berrnadette Penotti’s mission is to ignite people to feel POWERFUL JOY and EASE in their bodies and lives, through vibrant health and life choices, and through fully embodying their unique life purpose.  She works with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and clients from all walks of life as a Health and Wellness Mentor and Intuitive Life Strategist .

Berrnadette says “The Body (emotional, physical and mental body) is our “Communication Station” through which we express ourselves. Are you expressing yourself through a clear, pristine, highly vibrational channel?  Or do you feel stuck in a certain mind pattern, physical ailment, or emotion? If you answered “YES” to the latter know that you can CHANGE THAT QUICKLY NOW.  With simple, powerful, clear directives we can rewrite your life story and put you back on a graceful path to your True Magnetic North.”

With her “High Raw/Low Tech” approach to natural wellness, Berrnadette (also a film and TV actor) began to design compact, portable workouts to fit into her often 15-hour days on the set of films like The Wrestler, Die HardRegarding Henry, and Awakenings, and TV shows like The Sopranos and Law & Order. Organically, she became a celebrity trainer to other actors and film executives, birthing her company “Body By Penotti”. Twenty five years later Berrnadette continues to teach fun, cutting-edge ways to stay radiantly healthy, vital and energized.
Berrnadette’s powerful signature workout requires only one’s body weight, enough room to stand up and lay flat, and the consistency of 20 minutes a day.Additionally she teaches “Sneaky Fitness”- simple, easy fitness and nutrition practices- that fit in everywhere for a world on the go.
Berrnadette has  experimented extensively with different philosophies on nutrition and in 2003 came across the whole and living foods diet and lifestyle:“I haven’t found anything that works as well to boost health, energy, and vitality as eating pure whole organic foods..primarily fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains and nuts in simple and delicious combinations,” she says. Berrnadette’s clients love the simplicity of her system, and that it also yields the benefits of mental clarity, beauty, slower aging, economy of time and funds, and better ecology for the planet.
Berrnadette consults with individuals and leads group programs about her comprehensive approach to wellness. She contributed her fitness protocol to the make-over book The Park Avenue Diet (2008), and is currently in production on her book and program Vibrant Body by Penotti: An Elegantly Simple Path to Health and Beauty, which distills two decades of research, experience, and transformative work with clients into simple yet powerful practices for radiant health and wellbeing. She lives what she teaches in New York City, where she resides with her family and two very affectionate Italian greyhounds.