Here’s my new good friend ‘Kale”

he’s hearty and hale

and keeps my skin rosy

instead of pale!

Yeah I love kale…now. Never could say that before.

But now when I add some chopped leaves of this hearty deep green vegetable to my Green Smoothies (check out “Eat Well”), along with some berries, apples,  and/or some juicy citrus fruits, and I practically dance out of the kitchen with all those minerals and chlorophyll coarsing through my bloodstream! The best part is when you take the “spine”off it’s not bitter- you mostly taste the fruit. Plus you’re getting some serious fiber here- great to keep your digestive system nice and fit and clean….

Just start with one or 2 large leaves and work up to 4-6 leaves per smoothie.  Try all the different versions of kale, I particularly love Lacinato, the deep blue green version- also called “Elephant Kale”. Packed with calcium, vitamin c and beta-carotene.

Of course all the green leafy veggies are great to try in a smoothie- and we’ll speak of all of them- particularly spinach and Romaine lettuce- my 2 absolute faves!

So here’s a great way to get this cruciferous veggie in- without the family turning up their noses to you. Even my little mini- greyhounds lap this up so give it a try and you may be surprised!