Hi Everyone!

I had an awesome time presenting my workshop “Intro to Fresh (Rawesome) Foods and Sneaky Fitness” at  ALL THAT MATTERS holistic health center in Wakefield, RI this past weekend.

Wonderful participants, great weather, and delicious food for all. I look forward to going back and doing a more in-depth “how-to” on how to prepare yummy natural life and beauty giving foods.

The “fresh food and sneaky fitness” system  I teach is an amazing combo of simple, super health giving ideas. The short but high-intensity fitness sessions ( the exercises can be done in a minute a minute or less, a couple times a day, or 4-10 sets in one session for  a total of 4- 10 minutes- hey I think you can squeeze that in!) give the best bang for buck of any health program I know. It’s the same program I’ve been teaching to my “A-LIST” actor clients for the past 20 years. The short intense sessions release human growth hormone far more efficiently than those long drawn out treadmill or jogging sessions. Incredibly health giving, energizing and age-reversing!  I demonstrate these simple moves at my workshops and the people who join me feel the great effects right away. Then we combine this with the most natural diet in the world- eating mainly fresh whole delicious unprocessed foods (fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, etc) and watch out world- here comes a force of life- YOU!

I will be bringing this wonderful event to NYC soon- stayed tuned for date and time- and look forward to seeing you there!

To Your Health and Bliss,