Been away and finally back where I love it- mixing it up with YOU!

Giving you my hot tips for health, fitness, sanity and peace of mind…Speaking of which- isn’t that what we all really want beyond all the other things we’ve got on our list? I obviously put health and well-being at the top of my list- as well as harmony in all my relationships, being of service, prosperity in my career, security of means – but aren’t these are all a means to the BIG TICKET: Peace of Mind ?  So I think it’s worth asking “How do I cultivate peace of mind in my world? And can I simply start right here to be at peace no matter what?” I think we can certainly practice that – like exercising a muscle…And when a stressful situation comes up we can say “I could choose peace instead of this” …or smile and say (because it’s true) “This too shall pass” (because it will

I also like to start my day with “5 minutes of peace”- where I connect with a peaceful thought or idea (for me it’s a moment to connect w God/Love/All That Is/The Big Guns and send that thought ahead to smooth my day, and to everyone I meet… Often I may read a tiny bit – even 1 minute- from a book or passage that inspires me. It puts me and my day in a “field of grace” as author Caroline Myss aptly calls it…And I highly recommend the self-study course called “A Course In Miracles” – which is a kind of spiritual psychotherapy, and quite profound and beautiful…Then I follow this up with making great choices throughout the day for my health, wellness and vitality. Put it all together and life is a lovely feast- even when seemingly chaotic situations arise.

Be back on track shortly with a steady stream of health, nutrition, sanity and well-being tips for BEAUTIFUL YOU…Be WELL!